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Sustainability projects in Malta.

Environment projects to protect the nature and a better connection for a stronger community.


We take sustainability seriously. Projects and improvements for a better world.

Your skim surf school in Malta takes sustainability seriously. We show you our projects we are working on to meet the needs of the present so the future generation is able to meet their own needs. We take the sustainable part actively for small improvements for a better world.

Your skim surf school in Malta is working daily to improve. We truly believe that doing good for our environment we all live in is a lifetime project. Thinking long-term means for us to use only high-quality products with a small ecological footprint. Your skim surf school takes it seriously to improve the ecological footprint for us and the future generation. You can take a closer look at our projects in Malta:


Mangrove sea trees for a better us

For each lesson booked, we buy a Mangrove sea tree, which will be planted on Biak Island in Indonesia with the help of, a non-profit organization. A local planting partner of ensures an ocean-friendly and carbon-free skimboarding experience. For an ongoing impact on the environment, each lesson booked will automatically take part in the project.  For a better sustainable future for the villages on Biak Island, you, your friends, and family.

Clean our beaches initiative 

We clean every month a beach in Malta with your help. We want to organize it more often in the future. Just register for the next clean-up in our Malta event calendar - for a plastic-free environment.

Environmentally friendly non-toxic surf wax

Sometimes we use surf wax for our skimboards for better grip. If we use surf wax, we only use non-toxic, biodegradable wax for an ocean-friendly experience. Furthermore, the surf wax is packed with recycled paper and the package is printed with soy ink.

Ocean and coral reef friendly sunscreens 

We only use ocean and coral reef-friendly sunscreen to protect the environment. Zinc-based sunscreens are better for the environment than chemical ones. If we provide you sunscreen it will be a zinc-based one. That means you and the environment will stay safe. 


Recycling is essential and wherever it is possible your skim surf school in Malta is trying to reduce the amount of packaging. That is why we encourage you to pick up your ordered t-shirts- hoodies and tank tops on the beach. As with many things on this planet, it is a work in progress, but we are always open to new suggestions!

Support of local farmers

Your skim surf school in Malta get most of the ingredients fresh from local fruit and vegetable markets for fresh food. We buy fresh vegetables and fruits for different herbs and spices. All of this will get back to you, we can offer you lessons with good energy! To buy from local farmers will save packaging, plastic, and long-lasting transportation. We believe in connecting with our local farmers, supporting them, and knowing where our food comes from. By buying our food locally, we can give back to our community. And we encourage all our students to do the same.



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