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Weather surfing forecast for Malta. Weather Forecast for the best skim surfing conditions in Malta.

Weather forecast in Malta for the next 7 days. Explore the best skim surfing conditions.

Check out the most recent weather details in Malta. Learn more about the best weather conditions for a great skim surfing experience. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover more about the most recent weather conditions in Malta. 7 days weather forecast in Malta with detailed information about the best skim surfing conditions in and when it is time to hit the beach. With beautiful, accurate, and easy to understand weather forecast maps you can dig in deeper in the skimboarding world.

Explore the different 7 days weather forecast graphs below, which shows the temperature, wind speed, wind gusts, and wind directions for different time intervals. Moreover, you can check the wave directions and wave heights. The wind speed and wind gusts are shown in knots. 1 knot is 1,85 km/h or 1,15 mph. The wind gusts are a different type of wind. To understand gusts, it is a sudden increase in the normal wind's speed and it lasts no more than 20 seconds. For the best skim surfing conditions, 5,4 - 13,5 knots are favored. But it can be even lower than 5,4 knots, especially if the wind speed was much stronger during the previous days and calms down and came from the direction the beach is at. If you want to skimboard over 13,5 knots you need to put sand under your board to make it heavier and easier to throw. Furthermore, if the wind speed is much stronger than 13,5 knots from any directions, it could be possible to skimboard on the other side on the beach. To make it clear, if the wind speed is over 13,5 knots from the east you could still be able so skimboard in the west. Skimboarding is really fun with higher waves but also really exciting with small wave conditions. You are even able to flat skim if there a small to no wave conditions. All of the different conditions are fun and exciting. With all the information above you are invited to discover the recent weather details below with beautiful graphs.


Let us hit the beach for a skimboarding lesson. If you want to know more about the best skimboarding weather conditions on the islands of Malta, please just speak to us. We can cover in your next skimboarding lesson a more in-depth training about this topic with great attention to specific details. It will also be included which sandy beaches are best to visit after clearly defined weather and wind conditions. Armed with this knowledge you always know when to hit the beach on the west or east side for your skimboarding session in Malta. We hope to see you, your friends and your family at the beach sliding on some Mediterranean waves. For further requests, please contact us.


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