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Yoga Essentials You Need For Best Results

Workload, endless chores at home, and with no time to rest, you are starting to lose the fit body you used to have. But then the idea of doing yoga on the small open terrace of your home hit you, and you are all over the moon but wait. You don’t know what equipment to get.

Of course, yoga is successful when your mind, body, and spirit are intertwined to achieve success. But to protect your knees, back, and hands during all that bending and stretching, you need to have some basic practice gears during your yoga session.

You will be amazed at the endless variety of products in the yoga industry but let me assure you, you don’t have to buy all that expensive stuff at all. Whether it’s your first day at a yoga studio or you are practicing yoga at home, you will need a few yoga essentials to kick start your yoga session.

So, let’s list the yoga must have you will need:

A Perfect Mat

A yoga mat is something that should be on the top of your yoga shopping list!

Practicing yoga on a comfortable mat gives you stability, prevents you from slipping, and also gives you cushioning on the hard floor of your home. PVC, rubber, and foam are some commonly found yoga mats, but you must choose something that….

  • Fits your needs

  • Has a thickness of about ¼”-1/8”

  • Has a length that matches your height

  • And is easy to carry around.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are used to improve stability, provide balance and give your body the correct alignment while performing various poses such as the pigeon pose. Made from wood, cork, or foam (foam blocks are usually expensive), the set of blocks are used by both beginners and professional yoga practitioners. Blocks help keep the proper posture while reducing the risk of any considerable injury during yoga techniques which is essential for beginners.

Yoga Strap Or Belt

Yoga straps and belts are ideal for beginners who intend to grasp the core strategy behind every pose. The strap works as an arm extender and is used to perform poses where you have to reach your legs with your hands. For example, the Paschimottanasana pose is where straps can help you manage your alignment while still lying flat on your back.

A yoga strap is a pretty basic tool that comes in an extensive range of styles and materials. Yoga practitioners widely use cotton straps because the material is durable, easy to hold on, and can be cleaned easily. Instead of spending a huge sum of money on the expensive strap, choose something that serves the purpose.

Bolsters, Blankets, And Pillows

You will be learning new yoga poses every day involving a lot of bending where these yoga accessories will help you the most. Bolsters improve blood circulation in the legs, help you feel relaxed and comfortable, and support you during different practices such as the Corpse pose. The pose requires you to relax on the lower back, and by placing a bolster under your knees, the posture becomes comfortable and easily manageable.

You can choose from two types of bolster; round and flat. Blankets and pillows can also be used instead of buying a bolster to keep yoga a budget-friendly exercise.

Books, Websites, And YouTube Videos

If you are practicing yoga at a gym, the instructor is there to help you and guide you to learn the technique behind each new posture. But at home, you need something to help you out.

For that, you can buy books, search through websites and YouTube content to get informational, helpful videos, and offer guidance in learning yoga and mediation. These things are easy to find and are a cost-effective option for every yoga lover.

Yoga Mat Wash

Many may not think of it as an essential yoga product but it is important. Practicing yoga on a clean mat is a sign of good hygiene. Besides, the mat is bound to get dirty because of sweating and continuous use. Using any detergent on your yoga mat will affect its condition. So, make sure you use a mat wash formulated especially for yoga mats.

Pay Attention To Clothing

Bringing your fashion sense to a yoga class is highly not recommended. To make sure you are comfortable in every yoga posture, you must wear the right apparel. Jeans, long drapes, or fitted clothing are totally out of the question.

Instead, look for skin-tight leggings or yoga pants. Fitness wear is also a reliable and convenient option as they are specially designed to allow easy body movement during yoga sessions.

Wrapping Yoga Essentials Up

There is an endless list of yoga equipment that you can buy, but the quality is always better than quantity. Instead of focusing more on collecting yoga accessories, put more emphasis on reaping the benefits of this fantastic technique. Research every tool before buying and make sure you are not going over your budget.

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