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Wines And Vineyards in Malta - Maltese Vintages

Malta is a famous tourist destination that is loaded with enthralling activities and lavish cuisines. Apart from all the fun that this happening island has to offer, did you know that there are many age-old Vineyards in Malta?

Let us take a deeper look into the most famous wines in Malta that are a top hit among the tourists and the locals.

Viniculture In Malta

When it comes to Malta, Viniculture goes back to the beginning of the 16th century. The knights of Saint John came to the island and brought along age-old winemaking culture and traditions with them.

When the British ships arrived in Malta in the 19th century, the island's wine production saw a significant decline. However, a century later, Viniculture began thriving again and continued to grow ever since. Today, there are quite a few local vineyards.

Malta's Wines:

Malta's wine markets are local instead of international, which is why finding your favorite Malta wine in any other place other than Malta can be a challenging feat. To fulfill the island's seasonal demand for wine, grapes are mostly imported from Italy. Italian and French wine companies primarily own a handful of wine producers in Malta.

When it comes to Red and white wine, the island's red wine is made from Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Grenache. On the other hand, the white wines rely largely on the ever so famous Chardonnay and Girgentina, which is Malta's local wine grape.

Grape Varieties For Malta Wine:

When it comes to the variety of grapes grown in Malta, there are quite a few. The most sought after by winemakers are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. However, the two most favorite locally grown are the gellewza in red and the girgentina in white.

  • Gellewza: This variety is very lightly colored and does not taste too exotic when it is vinified alone. It is usually used alongside Cabernet or Syrah.

  • Girgentina: The wines produced with girgentina are very light and very acidic. Therefore they are often blended with Chardonnay to give them a more appealing taste.

Major Wine Producers In Malta:

There are several small winemakers in Malta but just a few producers. The two most prominent wine producers on the island are Delicata and Marsovin.

  • Marsovin: It is among the oldest producers of wine in Malta, dating back to 1919, and has one of the best Malta vineyards. Annually there are around two million bottles of wines that are produced here. They purchase grapes from three hundred local winemakers and own their own 20 hectares of land.

Marsovin is famous for the effervescent wine that they make using Malta's traditional methods.

  • Delicata: Delicata has been in the wine-producing business since 1907 and comes in second place for producing wine after Marsovin. Their spectacular cellar is in Paola, inside a 17-century building that was built during the period of the Knights of St John.

Maltese Wines And Vintages: Final Words

If you want to get up close and personal with the Maltese wines and vintages, you will be happy to know that the top wineries organize tastings and guided tours to different Malta vineyards. You can taste a variety of exquisite wines and wines of interest and get the chance to get your hands on several vintage Mediterranean wine varieties and more.

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