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Why Meditate After A Workout?

Meditation is all about de-cluttering your mind. This ancient practice helps you clear your mind of all thoughts and enhance your overall mental health and well-being. According to an estimate, 200-500 million people meditate worldwide, while over 35 million Americans do meditation to reduce contemporary lifestyle stresses and anxieties as per the 2019 census data.

Meditate before or after workout?

Meditation can be of different types; some prefer guided meditation while others like to focus on mantras or breathe work. Movement-based meditation, which is similar to yoga, is another notable contender. But, whatever you select or whichever suits you, studies suggest that doing meditation after workout augments the benefits.

This combo, undoubtedly, boosts your mood, confidence and saves you from health problems that your body might suffer from due to an inactive lifestyle.

Let’s peek further into this matter;

Workout Prepare Your Mind For Meditation

Workout is a physical activity that comes with many health and fitness benefits. But when it is combined with meditation, it maximizes your performance and optimizes the outcomes. Moreover, workout also helps reach a better, calmer state of mind which is the most critical factor for successful meditation. In other words, where workout trains your body, meditation trains your mind.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why meditation after a workout should be a part of your everyday routine.

Why Is It Good To Meditate After A Workout?

Meditation after a workout gives you a more profound relaxation all through your body and mind.


  • Gives you a sense of well-being.

  • Makes you clear-headed.

  • Calms your mind.

  • Enables your brain to concentrate and focus better.

  • Makes you feel good by releasing endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

  • Sets your intention to stay active.

There Is More To Mediation After A Workout

Off course! There are more reasons for you to meditate after a workout.

We mean, you cannot ignore the positivity that comes out of this procedure.

It would be true to say that if you follow this course of action with a positive attitude, you will experience the same amount of positivity in yourself and your behavior. However, if you are looking to get out of a bad mood or experience, it also supports you by releasing all negative energy out of you and leave you with subtle calmness.

Now that you know the right time to meditate is after you work out, you would like to know about its health benefits. Here are a few for your information:

Help Decrease Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a hormone produced after the workout and has the ability to break down muscle tissue. It is a stress hormone higher level of which can cause damage to your body. We generally believe that workout is all good with no negative effects, but that is not true.

Therefore, cortisol levels should be monitored and balanced as the right cortisol level will help improve your mood, protect your cells against stress, and assist you in losing fat. On the other hand, a higher level can make you mentally clouded, gain abdominal fat, and experiencing more inflammation in your body.

The solution to this is to meditate after a workout because it takes down feelings of stress by controlling serum levels of cortisol in your body.

Help Lessen Pain

After a workout, you may feel pain in any part of your body. In this condition, meditation can help you lessen your pain. According to research published in 2015, controlling your mind provides you with greater control over your pain, and the only way to control a mind lies in meditation.

Help Build Up Stamina

As you know, meditation's primary focus is on breathing; it allows you to increase your stamina to the extent that it helps you achieve your daily goals. In simple words, with more stamina, you will feel less tired after work and ready to get on with your day actively.

Help Recover Your Body

Lastly, your body needs to recover after a workout, and here meditation supports you again. After controlling your cortisol level and managing the pain in your body, it helps you sleep faster as sleep and recovery are interrelated. When your body gets proper and sound sleep, only then it heals back again to workout.

The Bottom Line Of Meditation After Workout

Meditation and exercise go hand in hand. The power of meditation after a workout brings many benefits for you. So, don’t wait! Start meditating today after a workout because now you know it can do wonders for your mind and body.

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