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Why Live in Malta? Top Reasons for Living In Malta

Thinking of having a fresh start? Or maybe you want to enjoy your days peacefully after retirement but not sure of a place to move to. Whatever the reason, Malta can be a perfect sanctuary for you as it is one of the top courtiers where people can have amazing life experiences.

Malta is a breathtaking tiny island in the middle of the southern Mediterranean. It offers a perfect combination of warm sunny weather, loving people, and even more fascinating history. The thing that makes Malta unique and a popular destination is that it offers an unusual yet interesting blend of calm and exciting. Whether you are looking for a fun night or you want to enjoy a relaxing evening at the beach, Malta has a lot to offer and a lot to make you fall in love with this place instantly.

Here are some of the best reasons why living in Malta will be like living in heaven on Earth.

Malta Is The Perfect Location

Do you know where is Malta? Malta country is the smallest country in the European Union, located 100 miles off the Sicily coast. This small archipelago has an ideal location as it is just a short flight or rides away from the rest of Europe. Around 46 European destinations connect to Malta directly, and you can plan your trips around Europe from Malta on a very cheap budget. I mean, finding super easy flights to the different parts of Europe for less than 60$ is an excellent opportunity for a traveling lover.

Other than money, time is also a plus point. Major cities of Europe like Paris, Geneva, and Athens are just two hours away from Malta. You can reach Sicily in only 90mins and Rome in slightly less than an hour. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Hub Of Popular Destinations

One of the reasons for its ever-increasing popularity is the number of picturesque locations all around the island. One of the best among them is its capital city Valletta. Like its name, it has a beautiful busy port and historic architecture, While Mdina hides centuries of history waiting to be explored. Not to forget, Malta has some fantastic shopping areas and wonderful restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

St. Paul’s bay is a resort around the seashore that attracts numerous tourists for the scenic beauty and relaxing experience that it offers. Sliema, neighboring island Gozo, and its capital Victoria all have something exciting to satisfy a nature lover's cravings. Where Gozo Malta provides a serene, peaceful environment, Victoria is all about the busy life of modern cities.

Pleasant Malta Weather

Maltese enjoy Mediterranean weather all year round, which means it is greatly affected by the sea. Malta has more than 300 days of sunshine, meaning winters are short, and summers are sunny and warm.

Less rainfall and the pleasant Malta weather all year long makes it too tempting to enjoy a good day at the beach and sunbathing. In simple words, it never gets too cold to avoid outdoor activities on the extraordinary Maltese island.

Historical Delights

Malta is not just sun and fun; instead, it has quite an incredible history that remained undiscovered for a long time. You won't believe it, but Malta has three UNESCO world heritage sites and seven on the tentative list. If you are a history lover, it would be a valuable knowledge of paradise for you.

For example, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is a burial chamber that dates back 4000BC. You can recognize its importance from the fact that only 10 people are allowed here at a time. There’s so much to explore and discover everywhere that there's a saying, ‘There are 365 churches on the island, one for each day'.

Malta island has a lot to offer historically, from prehistory times to WWII, with a 7000-year-old history. Not only churches but Maltese museums, incredible archaeological sites, and buildings all have interesting stories to tell people who are keen to listen.

Scenic Malta Beaches

Malta being an island, is a hub of many spectacular beaches, bays, creeks, and harbors. The vast waters provide several water activities and boating opportunities for its people.

Thanks to the crystal clear sea around the island, Malta has some of the world's best diving spots. The diving sites around Malta, Gozo, and Comino are divers’ favorites as they can cherish the remarkable Mediterranean Sea life there. The shipwreck from World War II is another excellent site loved by the divers in Malta.

No Language Barrier In Malta

The national language of Malta is not only Maltese, but it’s English as well. So there is no need to learn any new or difficult language because 88% of the Malta population can speak English effortlessly.

Other than this, you can also find French, German, Italian, Spanish, and even Russian speakers. This removes the language barrier making it easier for people to interact and communicate.

Unlimited Entertainment In Malta

Besides its beautiful beaches, Malta has unlimited fun activities to make your night and evenings memorable and entertaining. Malta’s legendary festivals are something that should not be missed ever.

Malta People come out on the streets to celebrate these festivals, carnivals, and feasts. The streets are decorated with colorful lights, banners, flags, and delicious food made in vast quantities with special arrangements on roads. Malta people celebrate their feasts with loud fireworks and explosions. Malta music festivals are another opportunity to get a full dosage of entertainment all night long.

Other than the festivals and carnivals, dining facilities and theaters are great entertainment shots.

Malta Health Facilities

When it comes to health, Malta is top-ranked among the world health systems. Their private and public hospitals are fully equipped with modern technologies and the best doctors. According to WHO, Malta is ranked among the top 5 countries which the best healthcare facilities. Malta healthcare insurance is extremely affordable, and most of their health services are also free for their citizens.

Untapped Opportunities

Malta island is one of the places that have many job opportunities for many reasons. Apart from the tourism industry, many international companies are investing in finance and Gaming, creating new opportunities for their people. They are creating well-paid jobs in the economy. Corporate sectors are also on the way due to the job opportunities available on the island.

Living in Malta: Bottom line

There are no reasons not to settle on the beautiful island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. From friendly Maltese people to top-notch health facilities to ideal location and, of course, the never-ending list of tourist spots to visit, living in Malta is nothing but a dream.

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