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What To Expect From Malta?

Owing to its happening nightlife and thriving cities, Malta is truly a tourist hotspot all year round. Don’t let its small size fool you; loaded with hidden gems and historical riches, Malta has something to offer for everyone. Where is Malta, again? Located near the island of Sicily, Malta island promises a trip full of fun and adventure that will leave you longing for more.

It Is Not One Island:

If you don't really know much about Malta, the chances are that you have no idea about its geography either. You will be surprised pleasantly to know that Malta is an archipelago made up of several other islands. Comino and Gozo are its other main islands that promise equal thrill and adventure.

Have you just booked your tickets to this breathtaking archipelago and don't really know what you are in for? Want to know all about Malta, things to do and places to visit in Malta? Lay back and relax while we take you on a trip of what to expect when you make your way to this breathtaking island.

Church Overdose (A Blend of History & Classic Architecture)

You heard that right. Maltese churches are famous worldwide for their immaculately intricate decor. Did you know that Malta boasts 365 churches, and each of them is decorated in a manner that not even an inch of space is left bare? Even the mall villages boast huge gold-covered churches.

Out of these, the most famous church is in Valletta called St. John's Co-Cathedral. This is the same Church where mass is served by the Pope whenever he visits Malta. Endless sculptures, unlimited gold, and some of the most famous paintings adorn each of the churches.

Summer All Year Round

Wait, is that even possible? Technically speaking, the term 'summer all year round’ holds only true to Malta, thanks to its southern location and Mediterranean climate. However, you can always expect a rain shower during the winter that may cause the temperature to drop slightly. However, it will be nothing close to the frozen weather you experience in Europe.

Malta’s bright, sunny and warm weather is what appeals most to tourists who only wish to enjoy a day out on the inviting beaches. If you love lounging around in the sun, trip to Malta surely is for you.

Maltese Cuisine:

You can expect to find and enjoy all sorts of cuisine in the wondrous land of Malta. There are so many eateries, street food, and restaurants to choose from; you will find a hard time settling for one. Other than restaurants, there are several food chains and steakhouses that one can enjoy a nice fancy meal in.

Let’s look at some of the top Maltese cuisines delicacies that make everyone’s mouth water:

  • Silema is a popular area in Malta where you can get lucky in finding restaurants that specialize in different Maltese cuisine like Ta’ Kris. Their top lip-smacking dish is the Bragioli, which is made by slow-cooking stuffed beef.

  • Ftira is another top favorite Maltese dish, consisting of a flatbread that is topped with onion, olives, tomatoes, potatoes, seafood, and capers.

  • If you are more of a snack person, then Pastizz is sure to delight you. They are a top favorite Maltese snack that is crunchy pastries filled with peas, cheese, or a meat filling.

Party All Night In Malta

There is one thing for sure; island of Malta is anything but boring. It may come as a surprise that this tiny island is the best destination for party lovers who love dancing the night away. It has also hosted the Isle of MTV each year and attracts several celebrities and big names from the music industry.

There are nightclubs, bars, and several open-air venues that guarantee your night of music and dancing never comes to a stop. The heart of the nightlife is Paceville, which is jam-packed with clubs, bars, and open-air venues. If you plan to party all night long, don't forget to put your dancing shoes on.

Malta Is The Best Family Spot

Did you know that Malta has an extremely low crime rate, making it a super safe place to visit? As the Maltese are generally very traditional and family-oriented people, you won't have any trouble finding family-friendly attractions and restaurants to visit with your kids. There are so many fun-filled activities and adventures that you can thoroughly enjoy with your loved ones.

What are some things to do in Malta?

The beaches offer the perfect getaway to relax on the soft sand or go swimming in the crystal clear waters. Hiking, ATV riding, and snorkeling are some of the best activities you can enjoy in Malta. We bet your children will love the Malta national Aquarium and the Mediterranean Dolphin Park. With so many fun-filled activities at your disposal, who would ever want to go back?

Mesmerizing Natural Beauty & Incredible Architecture

From amazing architecture to the charm of natural beauty, Malta Island has it all.

  • If your taste is retro, parts of Valletta like Strait Street will serve you the best as the looks like it has not been aged since the 1950s.

  • If you enjoy ancient cities, Mdina, the silent city, is a spot not to miss. Older than Valletta, it is an ancient fortified white city that offers pristine views and is a photography gold mine.

  • If you fancy natural beauty, tons of vineyards, sandy beaches, rolling fields, and desert landscapes are all waiting to be explored.

What To Expect From Malta?

There is a reason why anyone who visits Malta once, longs to go back there again. We are sure you may have been surprised by the amazing fun-filled activities and lovely weather that the Maltese island has to offer. You need to head there yourself to experience the wonders that this tiny island holds.

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