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Travel Guide And Top Things To Do On Comino Island In Malta

Located between Malta and Gozo islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Comino is a small island with a few delightful viewing spots. Although it is low in the area (only 3.5 square kilometers), its limited attractions enrich it with nature's beauty. While traveling to Malta, Comino island in Malta must be on your to-do list because of fabulous things which are worth seeing. So, read our travel guide and top tips before you plan to visit Malta.

How To Get To Comino:

If you are in the southern part (Malta) or the northern part (Cirkewwa) of Malta, you can take regular ferry service to Comino. The main stop on the island is in the north side of the island, at San Niklaw Bay. It takes only 25 minutes to get there, and you can get a round trip for only 10 Euros. Also, if you live in the Comino Hotel, you can use the hotel transport from Malta and Gozo.

Famous Visiting Points Of Comino Island In Malta:

Despite its small size, Comino is blessed with some worth-watching natural and human-made viewing spots.

The Blue Lagoon:

The first place that appears on top of all Malta’s travel guide and tips articles is the Blue Lagoon of Comino. Its popularity is due to its crystal clear turquoise blue waters and jagged cliffs, making it the perfect place to swim under the bright sun and capture some memorable and dashing images. The island's peaceful population, which consists only of three people, helps the tourists enjoy its sunny beaches with the utmost freedom.

Santa Marija Bay:

Not too far away from the Blue Lagoon, Santa Marija Bay is the second most beautiful natural viewing point, located on Comino's northern side. The blue waters provide an astonishing scene for those who have an enthusiasm for travel. Its peaceful and quiet sunny beach helps the visitors avail the opportunity to swim and have a picnic on sands. The Comino Hotel and Bungalows are also located here, so if you plan to visit, don’t forget to book and enjoy a luxurious stay during your trip.

San Niklaw’Bay:

San Niklaw Bay is a small bay on the island, with bungalows and a hotel holiday resort being located nearby. The sandy beach and blue water attract tourists, and they enjoy swimming in the sea and have fun on the beach. Being a small bay, it is calmer than most of the other tourists' points, so don't forget to add it to your list.

Saint Mary’s Chapel:

Moving from the natural viewing points to the human-made constructions, Saint Mary's Chapel was built in the fifteenth century and is one of the 12 existing parishes by Bishop Senatore de Mello. Located nearby the campsite, it is not a very tall building. However, it is worth visiting during your tour to Comino.

Final Words About Comino Island:

Despite being the smallest island, nature has blessed Comino island in Malta with some excellent spots that are the center of attraction for most visitors. Whenever you plan to visit the country, our travel guide and tips will assist you throughout your journey.

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