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Top 5 Worth-Visit Best Museums In Malta

All countries do keep the legacy of museums which attract visitors from all over the world. The same is the case with Malta, where the worthy museums have ever been a source of information for visitors from diverse demographics.

A little information about Malta is also worth knowing if you have never heard of Malta. Malta is a European island country that is best known for its fascinating historical background. Because of the succession of Moors, French, Romans, and the British, it keeps the legacy of various cultures. The information about the top 5 worth-visit best museums in Malta will boost your curiosity to know the historical background of Malta.

National Museum of Archeology

This museum is located in the capital city of Malta, Valletta. Its construction dates back to the 16th century, and it was the official residence of St John, who originated for the province in France. The Neolithic period to the Phoenician Period keeps a diverse range of artifacts of all ages.

The introduction to the history of Malta urges visitors to thrive for an in-depth study of history and prehistory of Malta.

Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum

The literal meanings of Hypogeum are assumed to be underground. Hal-Saflieni is an underground museum of its type in entire Europe. One hundred years back, this prehistoric burial site was accidentally discovered in Paola’s residential neighborhood for visitors.

When it is about ownership of the museum, it keeps a very informative entrance point to give a warm welcome to the visitors. Like Hagar Qim, rock-cut architectural features are still well preserved. The extent of the perseverance can be gauged from that even the red ochre wall paintings are still visible.

The exciting thing about Hal-Saflieni is that it is regulated by UNESCO and invites 80 people per day. Due to the limited number of visitors allowed, you have to book your seat before visiting this museum.

Malta Maritime Museum

Malta maritime museum is located in Birgu. In the southeastern region of Malta, Birgu is a coastal area, and the maritime museum got a prime location. The museum exactly faces the waterfront. This classy location of the museum triggers more visitors to come to the museum.

Along with its prime location, the museum houses more than 20,000 artifacts’ charts on its walls. These artifacts depict the maritime history of Malta associated with seafaring and the Mediterranean region. Roman anchors and Maltese boats are still there on the premises of the museum as well.

Ghar Dalam caves and Museum

This museum is located in Triq Ghar Dalam, Birzebuga. Birzebuga is also a seaside town in Malta. Ghar Dalam cave stretches up to 150 meters, proving that once Sicily and Ghar Dalam were connected. Remains of early human habitation were also discovered in the Ghar Dalam cave.

Unlike most of the museums in Malta, it houses remains of various animal species. The remains of animal species placed in the Dharam caves, are no more existent in Malta and have become extinct. Ghar Dalam caves find huge attention from anthropological researchers/students from all over the world.

Malta Aviation Museum

It is located at Ta` Qali, near the football stadium. Don’t assume Malta as a house to only the old civilization Museums; the country houses modern museums. The aviation Museum in Malta primarily focuses on the aircraft that played a role in defending Malta from the axis powers of World War 2. Aviation Museum is an entertainment source for aviation enthusiasts to know what technology was used in the aircraft during World War 2.

You will find beautifully restored copters of World War 2 named Spitfire MK IX and Hawker Hurricane IIA.

Final Word

The archelogy of Malta with different perspectives attracts many visitors around the globe. Other than these few museums, every part of Malta is a house to ancient times. Based on people's interests, these few best museums in Malta cater to people with different kinds of attention.

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