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Things To Do In Valletta, Visit The Capital City Of Malta

Are you planning a vacation to your dream city, Valletta? Do you want ideas on how to make your stay in Valletta memorable? Well, we have all that you need to know about making the most of your time while staying in Valletta, Malta.

This magnificent city is situated on the rocks amidst Mount Sceberrar's peninsula. Construction of this city was started in 1566, and after its completion, 15 years later, visitors were left appalled by the impressive forts, cathedral, and bastions.

The structures were designed so intricately that it was hard to believe that it was all done by hand since mechanical tools did not exist back then. So if you are planning to visit Valletta, you will have a lot on your list to check off.

To make your work easier, we have listed down some of the best places for you to visit on your trip to the Malta capital. So, let's find out, Is Valletta worth visiting and what to do in Valletta, the capital city of Malta?

Grand Master’s Capital

One of Valletta's most monumental buildings is the Grand Master's Palace, situated in the center of Palace Square. This building is often used for traditional ceremonies in the capital of Malta.

Some part of the building is now being used as the Presidential Palace, which serves as the President of Malta's office. Besides that, the rest of the building is open for the public to visit as a museum.

Grand Harbour

Much of Valletta’s military success is because of its strategic location on the Grand Harbour. The harbour could easily help the battleships dock while keeping invaders out since they closed off the entrance.

The entire harbour has lots of massive fortifications, bastions, and defensive towers all around. This setting also housed the famous Great Siege of 1565, one of the most historical events in Malta's history.

In the present day, the Grand Harbour allows docking of large commercial ships, ocean liners, and cruise ships. The harbour gives off smaller creeks where you can find several other yacht marinas and boat docks.

Valletta Grand Harbour is considered one of the largest marinas in the world because it provides enough space for docking thousands of boats.

Eateries In Valletta

You can never go wrong with the food in Valletta, but there are many places to pick from. So, here we present you with some of our favorite picks.

  • Guze Bistro will give you an all-round eating experience since it is the personal favorite of many residents as well. There is a wide variety of flavors and dishes that will suit anyone's taste buds as per their preference.

  • Malata is a very famous restaurant that overlooks the St. George Square and serves delicious French cuisine. There is a little terrace outside where you can have brunch with your loved ones in the summertime.

Upper And Lower Barrakka Gardens

If the scenic gardens with panoramic water views are your thing, Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens are must-visit. These carry multiple monuments and memorials of prominent people, including Sir Winston Churchill.

Lower Barrakha Gardens offer a small park with gardens and sea views apart from the beautiful view of the Grand Harbour and the breakwater. Monument of Sir Alexander Ball in the form of a neoclassical temple situated at the center of the garden is prominent feature tourists enjoy.

Argotti Botanic Gardens & Resource Centre is another good choice if you would like to see Mediterranean plants in guided tours.

National Museum of Archaeology

Located in the former Auberge de Provence, The National Museum of Archeology is the historical residence of the knights. The building was built back in 1571 and proved to be a true example of Baroque architecture.

The archeological work in the museum tells the rich history of Malta in chronological order. You can find fine exhibits of artifacts and supremely magnificent historical elements along with certain antique pieces from Roman times.

If it is sightseeing, shopping in Valleta, or things to do in Valletta at night; a trip to Valleta is a must if you wish to make your time in Malta a forever memory.

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