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The Thrill Of Skimboarding In Malta

Roaming over the open waters is super fun, and it entices people to enjoy skimboarding. Skimboarding is one of the major sports in which skim boarders surf over the water by approaching an incoming wave, which helps them return to the shore. To get started, skimboarders drop their boards on the thin surface of the previous stream and take the momentum to break the next waves and start riding. In this way, the skimboarders make different moves, both on water and in the air. Some of these maneuvers are called wraps, big spins, 360 shove-its, and 180s. We will discuss some interesting facts and basics about skimboarding, so let's get started with skimboarding history.

History of skimboarding:

In 1920, lifeguards at Laguna Beach, Southern California, built rounded sticks to surf across the water. At Laguna Beach, waves break closer to the beach, which makes it a hotspot for skimboarding. It has emerged as an international sport, with many professionals being entirely enthusiastic, getting the opportunity to surf on the water and perform aerial maneuvers by riding and pulling into the barrel of the waves.

In the 1960s and 1970s, a group of boys used 'double-ender' boards for skimboarding on Victoria Beach. Later in the 1980s, the sport got a renaissance as multiple individuals and groups paid their interest. The excessive media coverage during the 1980s and 1990s also played its role in its further development. Today, several international skimboarding events occur around the USA, such as the United Skim Tour and Skim USA. However, the sport still demands more media coverage to get more popular across the world.

Why is it so exciting?

Many things about skimboarding are exciting enough to encourage the people into the sport.

  • Skimboarding offers a wide range of experience of surfing on the water by making different moves.

  • Demonstrating boarding skills allows the professionals to surf against and with the waves, which is quite a thrilling experience.

  • There is a big difference between watching the waves while sitting on the sand and while surfing over them. So, skimboarding provides an impressive view of the waves.

  • Even watching others surf the water is full of amusement as they showcase their talent and have a wonderful time.

  • Getting over the hurdles and tracks while skimboarding is an added fun, and many youngsters enjoy it a lot.

Is it dangerous?

Many doctors and individuals consider skimboarding to be a dangerous activity, which is valid to some extent. People suffer from frequent falls and get experience several injuries, just like those sustained in rollerblading and skate boarding. However, a risk factor is associated with every single human activity, which means that professionals need to concentrate on the risks and avoid dangerous moves during skimboarding. In this way, they can enjoy the sport without having many bad experiences.

Due to a relevantly not-so-old history of skimboarding, the sport is still in its transition period and needs more people to learn advanced skimboarding skills. It will not only let them enjoy the game but also help the sport itself as it will start growing in other parts of the world.

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