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The Islands Of Malta: Day Trips To Sicily From Malta

No trip to the islands of Malta is complete without taking a trip to the ever so famous Sicily. It is full of diversity, and you will need ample time on your hands to discover its true beauty. There are plenty of activities and adventures waiting for you once you book your day trip to Sicily from Malta.

Thinking of taking a trip from Malta to Sicily? Let's look at how you can make the most of your Malta excursions:

Visit Mount Etna

Day trips around Malta are incomplete without visiting one of Europe's tallest and the most active volcanoes, Mt. Etna. This volcano is also a UNESCO world heritage site and primarily impacts the locals' lives on the island. So how do you get to this breathtaking site?

You will first need to take a ferry from Malta to Sicily and make your way to a little fishing village in Sicily called Pozzallo. Once there, you will be taken via an air-conditioned bus to explore the wonders of Mount Etna.


Once you are done exploring the majestic volcano, your next stop will be the city of Modica during your Malta to Sicily day trip. Whether you are on a day trip or have more days at hand, you should start your exploring expedition from Corso Umberto.

Loaded with historic churches, stores, and beautiful squares, this main street is ideal for tourists. When in Modica, make sure you visit:

Teatro Garibaldi: A 19th-century old glamorous theatre that continues to host opera and ballet.

Palazzo De Leva: This breathtaking town mansion belongs to the De Leva family and is a famous spot for cultural events and exhibitions.

Museo Civico: This is the best spot for those who want to get in-depth knowledge about the city's eventful history.

The Iblei Mountain Range

Day trips around the islands of Malta are unfinished without taking a trip to the picturesque Iblei Mountain range of Sicily.

Boasting several valleys, rivers, lakes, and canyons with their thriving fauna and flora, this mountain range is truly heaven on Earth for nature lovers. This region's towns and cities are a pleasure to explore and also boast Roman and Greek monuments.

There Is Something For Everyone

Sicily is loaded with activities and adventures, with such a rich history, one day trips to Sicily from Malta would not be enough to discover this city's true potential.

Let's look at some of the Malta sightseeing highlights that should never be missed during a Malta to Sicily day trip:

  • Make your way to experience the wonders of the Roman Mosaics and Greek temples.

  • Get up close and personal with historical sites of Siracusa that comprise of Roman and Greek theatres.

  • Palermo, the city's capital, is indeed a treasure box waiting to be discovered.

  • Hitting the shops in Catania should be on top of everyone's to-do list during Malta day trips.

  • Indulge in the various delicacies and street food and tantalize your taste buds with Siciliy's finest treats.

Day Trips To Sicily From Malta: The Conclusion

There are several Boat tours from Buġibba/Sliema/Gozo/Comino and boat tours and trips that offer day trips to Sicily from Malta. Whether you are off for a day or have several days at hand, they will never be enough to discover the full beauty and potential that this happening city has to offer.

If Malta is your next destination, don’t forget to take a trip from Malta to Sicily.

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