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The History Of Skimboarding

Do you ever look at skmboarders on the beach and wonder how this fantastic sport came into being? This is a question that intrigues many of us, which is why we have compiled together all the events that led to the evolution of the ever so thrilling sport of skimboarding.

So, without further ado, let us look at the exciting history of skimboarding.

The Beginnings Of Skimboarding

It is believed that skimboarding originated somewhere in the 1920s in California. We have George Griffeth and his friend Jimmy to thank, who were lifeguards at Laguna Beach. They came up with the idea of making round discs using redwood, all to help them slide across the water with ease.

Speaking historically, many professional skimboarders hail from the Laguna Beach area, and it is due to good reasons. The first being that skimboarding was first invented at Laguna Beach, and the second is that there was a group of guys in the 60’s at Victoria Beach. They were avid skimboarders and were famous for using skimboards that were double-ended in shape, which led their boards to be commonly called 'double-enders.' Their boards had rounded ends at both sides, with one end having a bigger radius.

Some important skimboarding events to notice during this time were:

  • Even during the early days of its inception, skimboarding enthusiasts used to venture deep into the waters to catch waves.

  • The most famous moves at that time were flyaways and speed runs.

  • Mike Buxton was the most famous skimboarder at that time, who was daring enough to perform aerial stunts.

1970’s And Onwards

The two most prominent names in skimboarding during the 70s were Peter Prietto and Tex Haines. They both went on from active skimboarding to building their very own skimboard company with the name Victoria Skimboards.

The rest is history, as Victoria Skimboards started gaining popularity for this enthralling and fun sports activity. The company then evolved into being much more than a skimboard producer; it became a hub for information regarding this adventurous sport. Moreover, Victoria Skimboards also organized the very first World Skimboarding Championship in 1976 at Aliso Beach.

The 1980s And Onwards

It will not come as a surprise that skimboarding went through a considerable boom during the 80s owing to ample media coverage it received. First foam core skimboards covered in fiberglass and resin were also introduced in the 80s by Victoria Skimboards, and high-end surf shops started to sell skimboards alongside surfboards.

With the onset of the 90s, the glam of skim culture started to increase. However, it was in the mid-90s that the sport started picking up popularity internationally.

Skimboarding Now

In the present day, several professional events are held that allow skimboarders to showcase their talent and skills. Among these, the most prominent ones are Skim USA, European Skimboard League, and United Skim Tour. These events consist of mainly two contests, namely flatland skimming and wave riding.

Skim boarding is an adventurous sport that has quite an eventful history. From the first-ever skimboards made of redwood to the modern designs that feature top of the line technology and features, skimboarding has come a long way. After looking at its exciting past, it is safe to say that skimboarding, as an activity, is here to stay.

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