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The Best Campsites In Malta - Camping In Malta And Gozo

Nature always offers you an opportunity to get instantly relaxed and relieve all your stress in no time. Camping in Malta and Gozo has ever been closer to nature as they are blessed with several beaches. Here, people reach to break their monotonous routines from all over the world. Ahead, you will find various eye-catching camping sites in Malta and Gozo.

Best time to visit Malta for camping

Everyone wants to make his tour great. So, thinking about the optimum time and excellent place may help you to make the right decision. In this regard, the best time to visit Malta and Gozo are spring and autumn for your camping adventour. In summer, the sweltering heat may be a clash with your expectations from the tour to Malta. So, the best recommended time for visiting Malta is spring and autumn.

Let us find out the best campsites to make your trip to Malta worthwhile.

Popular camping sites in Malta

Ghasri Valley:

With a minimal population, Ghasri is a beautiful village having a few spots to visit other than a camping site.

For camping purposes, a road will lead you to the Wield-il-Ghasri. It is the best camping area where people come to be closer to nature. Cyclists also come only for cycling. This eye-catching valley of Wield-il-Ghasri ends with its beautiful slopes dropping down in the sea.

The secluded little inlet in the valley catches attraction from the visitors. The secluded inlet is often used for swimming and bathing purpose in the valley. The track around this inlet is the best option for cyclists, drivers, and snorkeling.

Dwejra Lines:

Dwejra lines are located between the town of Mtarfa and Bingemma Fort. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to this pass between two beautiful sights. From the line, you can catch a view at the very stunning points of Malta.

Dwejra lines also have their history related to the army as they were built in the 19th century when the British were ruling the world.

Camping in Gozo or Comino island


The sister island of Malta, Gozo, comes with a lot of beautiful where you will think every turn is fit to be camped. The island of Gozo is more traditional than Malta. Apart from the officially constructed sites where you are available with different facilities, Gozo has excellent places to camp where you need to be bucked up with all the stuff needed for camping.

Before leaving for Gozo, you should have a basic idea of how you will manage all that stuff regarding camping. The noticeable thing before installing a camp in non-official type of places is that you need to find a permit from the local council of Gozo.


Same as the island of Gozo, Comino also comes with the open space to install a camp. You need to be a little picky about choosing an attraction where you can enjoy the moments.

The best thing about the open areas is that you are not limited to space as the service industry does for camping sites. Apart from this, self-service can help you find a solo corner where you can keep yourself away from the hassled environment.

These are a few popular camping sites you need to keep in mind if you plan to visit Malta. Based on the people reviews, these spots are taken, and they reviewed these spots to be well-preserved for the people who are eager for camping and enjoy the excursions according to their taste.

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