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Skimboarding At Balluta Bay In Malta

The sandy beaches and the clear blue Mediterranean water surrounding the Maltese island have attracted tourists from all across the globe. This beautiful archipelago of beaches and bays is ideal for scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling, skimboarding, or enjoying sunbathing during summer vacations and winter holidays. In short, if you want to enjoy exciting watersport activities, Malta should be your next holiday destination.

For tourists who wish to skimboard into the crystal blue sea water and feel the thrill of the waves in Malta, Balluta Bay is an iconic spot to begin with. Although it is a small beach on the northeast coast of Malta, you will find the spot filled with visitors enjoying the warm seawater in their own way.

Where is Balluta Bay in Malta?

Balluta Bay is a tiny bay located on the coast of St Julians, Malta. The rocky coastline of the beach stretches from Qui-si-sane in Sliema all the way to St. Julian’s. The low water level in the sea during the summer seasons makes the sandy beaches in Malta more attractive to tourists with skimboards.

The coastline of Balluta Bay is surrounded by busy cafes, restaurants, and buildings occupied by residents of the island. The beautiful neo-gothic Carmelite Parish Church gives the sandy beach a phenomenal background, enhancing the appeal of the place.

Can You Do Skimboarding at Balluta Bay?

The Balluta Bay sea is clear, low-tide and easily approachable, making the seabed an ideal spot for all types of water sports, especially skimboarding. Being near the sea, Malta's coastline offers a perfect opportunity to put your feet in the crystal-clear water and elegantly surf on the friendly waves. It ranks among the best beaches in Malta for skimboarding. No wonder skimboarding is one of the top things to do in malta.

You will be able to witness some skimboarders doing their skimboard tricks, enhancing your skimboarding experience on the coastline, picking up new skimboarding tricks.

Skimboarding at Balluta Bay Beach Is Ideal For Observing Maltese Culture

Balluta Bay is occupied by tourists and the local community. So you will be able to see the daylight activities in full swing when skimboarding at Balluta Bay. The beautiful Roman Catholic Church further intensifies the beauty of the overall scene. So, preferring Balluta Bay for skimboarding will allow you to stay at the heart of the city, letting you absorb the culture of Malta even during your short trip.

Moreover, restaurants and cafes lined up at the beach fill the air with the delicious aroma of mouth-watering cuisine. After having an incredible time skimboarding on the waves, you can choose a place to eat and crash right away.

Ideal Skimboarding Spot for Beginners

If you are new to skimboarding and want to learn the basics of skimboarding, Balluta Bay is a perfect place to get started with your water sport experience.

You can easily book a skimboarding lesson for an amazing time at Balluta Bay. We offer skimboarding courses for individuals and groups, helping you to grasp the concept behind this fantastic watersport. You can learn to enjoy the fun and thrill this watersport brings. Who knows, it might become your new exciting hobby as a new skimboarder right here on the islands of Malta!

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