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Road Trip In Malta By Car

The ever-so-happening island of Malta is full of surprises and exciting adventures. Made up of three islands, Gozo, Comino, and Malta, this wondrous place on earth is loaded with scenic beauty and enthralling landscapes. Boasting a wonderful climate all year round, the island’s sun-kissed beaches offer the perfect respite to wandering tourists. If you are planning on taking a trip to this magical island, why not plan your adventure by road?

If you have been planning on exploring this island’s majestic beauty up close and personal, drop everything and plan a Malta road trip. This article will give you all the necessary details that will help make your road trip in Malta truly memorable.

So without wasting any time, let's begin our Malta road trip guide:

Why Plan A Road Trip In Malta?

When you have so many different modes of travel available, why travel by car at all?

The truth is, the island is pretty small, and if you genuinely wish to explore every hidden nook and cranny, travelling in your own car will give you the perfect opportunity to do so. You can drive through the historic attractions and soak in the enthralling beauty that the island has to offer. You can explore the peaceful villages and visit all the famous tourist attractions, all at your desired pace.

Not to forget a road trip in Malta is best to enjoy the beautiful weather in Malta. You also get to mingle with friendly Maltese people. In simple words, it is one of the top-ranked things to do in Malta.

How Many Days Do You Need In Malta?

Now that you have made up your mind, how many days will be enough to truly explore what Malta has to offer? How big is Malta? To be honest, a full six days road trip in Malta should be enough to allow you to explore everything without getting exhausted. Three to four days road trip will also give you ample time to soak in the island’s beauty; however, you won’t have enough time to sunbathe on the beach in Malta.

If by any chance, you have very limited time and don't want to miss out on any fun, a one-day road trip in Malta is also possible. All you need is your car and a well chalked out plan.

Malta Road Trip Routes:

It’s time to get into the different routes you can take when travelling by car. The good news is that Malta's main island is only 27km by 14km, so you can easily stay in one place and plan your road trips in the car during the day. On the other hand, if you are more of a thrill-seeker, you can thoroughly plan out a route and embark on your discovery mission.

Try your best to include Valletta on your road trip in Malta, the capital of Malta and the historic cities located in the island's center, or you can visit the fishing villages in the South. If soft sandy beaches are on the top of your list, make your way up north. No matter which direction you wish to travel, there are loads of exciting options.

Malta Places You Must See On Your Road Trip In Malta:

Now let us take a look at some of the places you must visit during your much-awaited road trip:

Popeye Village:

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful locations that you can visit in Malta. However, this attraction might not be well suited for people travelling on a budget or with a large group of people. The entrance fee for adults is around 14 Euros and 12 Euros for children between the ages of three to twelve. If you are travelling here during the winter, the prices are considerably lower.

Paradise Bay:

It is impossible for anyone travelling to Malta to not visit a beach, and there is none better than the ever-so-charming Paradise bay. Its soft sandy beaches and glistening clear waters soothe your mind, body, and soul like nothing else. Lay on the soft sand, soak up some sun or go swimming in the inviting, warm water; you will have a genuinely relaxing time.

What’s more? Paradise bay is loaded with bars and restaurants that offer a wide range of delicacies and refreshments. The beach also boasts a free parking space.

St Agatha’s Tower

One place you can never miss during a road trip in Malta is St Agatha's Tower. Also commonly known as the Red Tower, this historic marvel was built during the 1600s as a defense measure.

This tower stands out because of its unique color and vast history, which make it a hot spot for history lovers. When making your way here, make sure you wear a good pair of shoes as the entire parking space is full of tiny stones.

Driving Rules And Tips In Malta:

Since driving in a foreign country may seem a little scary to a few, let's take a look at the driving rules and tips that can make your Malta road trip easy:

The island of Malta was a part of the British Empire; thus, driving rules are quite similar to those followed in the UK, such as:

1. Seatbelts are mandatory.

2. You can't use your mobile phone, not even hands-free.

3. You always drive on the road's left side.

4. Same traffic signs.

  • When driving in Malta on your road trip, make sure you don't over speed and take extra caution at the traffic lights. Local drivers are keen on overtaking and don't really wait for the green light.

  • The general speed limit is 50mph for main roads, and for built-up areas is 30mph. Always be alert and keep an eye out for school buses and public transport that are given a priority on the roads.

  • You will be needing your driving license (domestic) and passport for hiring a car.

  • There are many car hire companies that offer their services at International Malta Airport. So you can always book your car in advance and get your desired vehicle as soon as you arrive.

Wrapping Road Trips In Malta Up

Road trips in Malta are an incredible way to explore a destination up close and personal. The comfort of planning your road trip and being your own 'tour boss’ offers an opportunity to relax like no other. If you truly wish to witness all that islands of Malta has to offer, a road trip will be the best decision you ever make.

So pack your bags, get in the car and drive off for a journey of a lifetime, the ultimate Malta road trip experience.

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