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Popular Sports In Malta

No matter what sport you fancy, you can find it on Malta's happening island. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the British rulers had primarily influenced the Maltese sports tradition. When it comes to the traditional sports in Malta, Horse racing, Regatta, and Boules are the most well-known.

Let us look at the most popular sport activities in Malta along with some traditional Maltese sports:

Horse Racing In Malta

The Knights of Malta introduced the sport of horse racing in the 15th century and encouraged the locals to participate. The Imnarja horse race was an important annual celebration which was held during that period, and it is still celebrated on the 29th of June in the town of Rabat.

It is one of the top sports in Malta. The Marsa racing course is a top spot where various horse racing events take place. These events are scheduled between October and May and take place every Sunday. The races mainly consist of trotting in which the horses are connected to a wheeled cart, and they need to race at a particular stride.

Maltese National Regatta

Another famous traditional rowing race, which is a top favorite sport amongst the Maltese, is the Regatta. It is held on the 8th of September and 31st of March as a national regatta event to celebrate the end of the foreign occupation and invasion. It comprises more than ten races having a distance of 1,040 meters each.

There are two categories in these boat races, in which one category is for the professional rowers, and the other category is for the amateur rowers. Kajjik and dgħajsa tal-midalji are among the boats that are used in these races. Thousands of happy spectators gather at the Grand Harbour to witness these grand events every year.

Football In Malta

Football is a popular sport in Malta. You will never come across any local who has never played it. Football is played anywhere you can imagine, such as school playgrounds, beaches, parks, football fields, and streets.

It was introduced in Malta by the British rulers in the middle of the 19th century for entertaining the soldiers who were stationed there. It was initially being played at a beginner's level till a league format was introduced in 1909. Many of the Maltese football fanatics support international clubs and teams, with England and Italy being the top choice.

Boules (Bocci Malta)

One of the popular sports in Malta that the Maltese thoroughly enjoy is the Bocci. It was introduced in the 16th century by St John's Knights, and it quickly picked up popularity.

The sport became such a hit with the locals that nearly every village and town in Malta boasts its own Bocci club. You have to play the game on a flat surface, and it can either be played between two opponents or in the form of two teams of 2-4 members. There are eight balls and one target ball. The aim is to roll the balls as close as you can to the target ball.

Traditional Sports In Malta: Final Words

There you have it; these are some of the most famous and traditional sports of Malta that people of the island thoroughly enjoy. So, which one is your favorite sport?

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