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Ocean & Sustainability: What We Are Doing In Malta?

Sustainability is an extremely important concept that the skim surf school in Malta takes very seriously. Our core values are to strive for ways that will ensure our future generations can live peacefully in nature’s arms. This is why we strongly believe in investing in environmentally friendly projects that will preserve nature and its blessings for our future generations to come.

How exactly have we been striving to achieve our goals? From cleaning our beaches to educating the masses to planting mangrove trees, we have done and try to improve our efforts. Here are some of the sustainability projects in Malta that our skim surf school in Malta has been actively involved in for preserving mother Earth in its best form.

Planting Mangrove Sea Trees:

Mangroves not only protect shorelines from natural disasters but also absorb more carbon than terrestrial forests. Their dense system of roots provides a home to abundant wildlife, including fish, plants, etc. Mangrove trees also safeguard the coastal areas by filtering and reducing tidal flows and mitigating tsunami-related damage. In simple words, they are essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Every lesson you book with us, Malta skim surf school will buy a Mangrove sea tree that will be planted in Indonesia. We support a nonprofit organization called ‘’ to ensure that you experience a toxin-free and ocean friendly skimboarding adventure. So every skimboarding lesson you book with us will automatically impact the environment to ensure a sustainable and ocean-friendly future.

Recycling To Deal With Climate Change:

We all know how vital recycling is to preserve Mother Nature. Climate change is a serious issue, and recycling is the most powerful weapon against it; it saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn helps in tackling climate change.

To play our part in dealing with climate change and keep the marine ecosystem toxin-free, Malta skim surf school has taken the initiative to limit the amount of packaging to cut down on wastes making their way into the environment. All our customers are encouraged to pick up their ordered goodies from the beach.

Clean Up The Local Beaches In Malta:

We all visit the local beaches in Malta to unwind and de-stress, but do we really bother to clean up after? The next time you visit a beach, take a look around; you will be surprised to notice trash, plastic waste, and whatnot is thrown on the sand and in the water. All of this drastically affects the ocean environment, marine, and surrounding wildlife.

It is estimated that by 2050 the amount of plastic in our oceans will outnumber the fish. Acting now is our only way of making sure our bad habits don't pollute the beautiful coasts that nature has provided us with. This is why beach cleanups are significant in improving the ocean and coastal ecosystems. They ensure that no trash or waste kills and disrupts the marine life and surrounding environment.

We take pride in actively arranging Malta beach cleanup projects. Their mission is to gather volunteers from the community to clean up the plastic waste and trash that is heartlessly thrown there. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer and sign up to make the environment plastic-free.

Supporting Local Farmers In Malta:

To truly practice sustainability, it is vital to support local farmers, which is why we purchase most of our vegetables and fruits from the local market.

Do you know the reason why? Buying from local farmers will save up on plastic, packaging, and fuel emission for transportation, ultimately leading to a healthier environment. By supporting the local farmers, not only do we know the source of our food, but it is also an excellent way of giving back to the community.

Using Environment-Friendly Surfing Products:

Do you ever stop to think if the sunscreen you're applying or the surf wax you are using is friendly for ocean life and the environment? We do, which is why we emphasize using only those products that are in no way harmful to the environment.

Surf Wax: Many of us use surf wax to get a better grip when surfing. However, it is your responsibility to choose one that is non-toxic and ocean-friendly. This is why we only use biodegradable and non-toxic surf wax, which is ocean-friendly. Moreover, it is packed using recycled paper; you can't get any more sustainable than that.

Sunscreen: The sunscreen you use while skimboarding on a bright sunny day may be full of toxins detrimental to the ocean ecosystem. To protect the coral reefs and underwater wildlife life, we only use zinc-based sunscreens. These types are much better for the environment as compared to the ones that contain chemicals. If you are ever handed over sunscreen by our skimboarding school in Malta, rest assured it will be safe for the environment and you.

Sustainability Projects In Malta

One of the most significant issues that mankind is facing at the moment is that of environmental sustainability. With an increase in tourists visiting the beaches and an influx of skimboarders, the threat to the natural ecosystems is more extensive than we think.

The good news is that if we all work collectively towards preserving Mother Earth's natural resources and environment, we can ensure a safer future for our future generations. Nothing is impossible, and once we collectively embark on caring for our natural surroundings, the results will be remarkable. All we need is to take steps forward.

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