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Museum Guide 2021 For Malta

Did you know that Malta has a long history of artifacts dating back to around 5200 BC? Yes, that is right; many of them have been located dating back to the ancient periods, telling a tale of Malta's rich cultural history and early inhabitants.

How would you like to spend an evening exploring the historical side of Malta? Let's see some of the most impressive museums to visit in Malta for 2021, with each having its own charm.

The Palace of the Grandmaster

This is one of the oldest museums in Malta. Located in the heart of Malta, Valletta, the Grandmaster's Palace was considered the throne of power for the ultimate Order of the Knights of Saint John. It served as the Governor's palace in the British rule, and currently, it houses the President's Office.

It's not just the history that will make you want to get in that museum cum palace; its architectural beauty is way beyond magical. Enriched over a historic 1450 years, this place is still open for official functions happening at the government level. If you are planning to visit this Malta museum, make sure you call in advance to know the opening times of the place to avoid any inconvenience.

The Palace Armory

This palace houses the world's most extensive armory collection – thus the name. It is still found in the original location. You can go to the museum by entering a doorway located to the side of a courtyard of the Grandmaster Palace.

If you have a love for physical artifacts, this has to be one of the places you visit while traveling in Malta. The antique pieces remain preserved from the lost years of battles and kingship centuries ago. What a fascinating sight to see indeed!

La-Sacra Infermia

La-Sacra Infermia means Malta Conference Center or the Knight Hospitallers. Its history goes back to the Order of the Knights of Saint John. The place was religiously rooted, which was to take care of the poor and sick, which humanity still believes today.

An interesting thing to know here is that the practice of medicine was much ahead of its time. For a fact, we know that La Sacra Infermeria, or the hospital staff of the Knight, played a massive role in being the primary care provider for the Knights.

So, give yourself a fantastic trip to the ancient medieval history by walking through the Knight's place that played a significant role in shaping Malta's history.

As you take the guided tour to La Sacra Infermeria, you will be entertained with an audiovisual show at first. After the show, you can enter the place where a knowledgeable tour guide will be available to answer any queries you may have about the place.

Co-Cathedral St. John

If you have any doubt regarding the importance of worship and religion during the medieval kingdoms, especially the Order of the Knights of Saint John, this is the place for you to visit.

The best thing about this place is hidden in its unpredictability. To the outside, it appears rather mundane. However, as soon as you enter inside, you will see highly decorated walls that seem like magic to the eyes. It is especially striking if you visit the place for the first time. The inspiring experience will leave your eyes open wide, wondering how come you enter a world of pure magic?

St. John's Co-Cathedral served as the conventional church for over two centuries and is an exemplary church displaying a pure impression of the artistic High Baroque era. Today, this grand, 16th-century church is transformed into a museum that charms the visitors with excellent baroque architecture, artwork and many artifacts.

It is best to visit this place in the early noon to avoid large crowds as it is one of the most visited museums in Malta.

Church Of Our Lady Victories, Castille Palace

If you happen to visit Castille Place, you will see the Church of Our Lady of Victories, which is located in the Triq in Nofsinhar, Valletta. All of the Valletta you see today had its foundation laid in this very place in the 16th century. It was the first-ever building built in the place, which is still a lovely sight to see today. The government of Malta has put in highly appreciative efforts in restoring the place.

Along with the fantastic art to appreciate, an exciting thing is the in-depth insight into the walls, ceilings, and roof detailing. The ceiling paintings, for example, show a scene from the life of Mary the Virgin.

The Inquisitor Palace

As the name displays, the Inquisitor's Palace was the place for the Inquisition in the country taking place between the years 1574 and 1798 in the majority of the Knight's rule. Apart from being the place for the Inquisitor, it housed the prisons and the tribunal at the time as well.

Heavily transformed over a long period, the palace served a lot of purposes beyond the era of the Knights and went through a multitude of renovations in the 20th century. It is among the limited places of its type to be open for the general public, for that matter.

This museum in Malta is all about displaying architectural history that is well-preserved and paints a highly interesting picture of the history.

If you like to stay fit, the stairwells will do a fine job keeping you active while you are on your tour. On the other side, avoid visiting the place if you are differently-abled or less mobile in some sort.

Fortress Builders Exhibition

This place is also referred to as Fortifications Interpretation Center, which is a combination of an information point and a museum. It comes with a lot of knowledge to depict – you can have a guided tour to this place through interactive and touch-driven displays and audiovisual presentations that assist you in learning and exploring.

You can view the towering high bastions and the harbor area fortifications and explore their strategic planning and other secrets that are not viewable from the outside.

National Museum of Archeology, Malta

Some of the ancient artifacts found on the land of Malta can be found here, where you can get a sight of artistic rock carvings and figurines. These are recovered from the Neolithic temple sites nearby Malta. The figurines you will find in this place are possibly the worshipping objects from history. You can enjoy exhibitions form Neolithic, Bronze Age and Phoenician era.

The building was built in 1571 for the Knights of the Order of St John like many other and today stands as one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in the capital city of Malta.

Malta Museums: Final Thoughts

There you go; these were some of the most famous museums in Malta that are loaded with history and mystery. So, the next time you are visiting Malta, make sure you check the ones that fancy your interest the most.

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