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Why To Meditate? Meditation Makes You Happy?

Do you have a friend or relative that goes on and on about how meditation has made them a happier person? Yes, that is correct. You can meditate for happiness. If you feel like jumping on the same bandwagon and are skeptical about the results, we have compiled 5 ways that you can follow to achieve maximum happiness with meditation.

So without wasting any time, let us get into the details of meditation for happiness:

It Gives You An Early Start:

Let’s face it, none of us love being an early bird, but mediating super early in the morning can help you relax and focus on your tasks for the rest of your day. Morning meditation allows you to reflect on your day and help you set your goals.

This process of waking up early and deciding what the day holds will make you feel that your life is under control. This feeling of accomplishment will ultimately make you happier.

Increase Self-Confidence:

There is no better love than self-love, and this is precisely what meditation for happiness helps you to achieve. By shutting out all forms of negativity and looking at the world in a new-found positive way, you will ultimately see yourself positively.

By shifting your focus to only the positive aspects of the world and yourself, you will ultimately feel a boost of self-confidence and self-love. Have you ever heard of someone who beams with self-confidence to ever be sad?

Discover Who You Truly Are:

Do you ever find yourself arguing with your thoughts? This usually happens when there is a lack of connection between who you truly are and what the world wants you to be. Meditation allows you to sit in peace, shut out all external noise and shift all your attention to your inner voice.

This will ultimately create an understanding and sense of who you truly are, and by connecting with yourself, you can achieve everlasting happiness.

Attract Positivity:

Have you ever heard of metta meditation? If not, it is a type of meditation that emits positive and loving energies into the surroundings. Basically, it means you are sending compassion and love to your friends, family, and strangers. You can call it a guided meditation for happiness.

Did you know that our energy and everything we do ultimately come back to us? If you constantly emit negative energy into the world, it will keep coming back to you in your life. However, if you harbor positive feelings, everything coming your way will beam off positivity, ultimately making you a happier person.

Kick Anxiety Goodbye:

Those who suffer from anxiety know how crippling this feeling can be. However, the good news is that happy meditation can help you keep your emotions and thoughts in control, allowing you to eliminate the negative factors that trigger anxiety.

Meditation enables you to relax anytime you feel an anxiety episode being triggered. Sometimes all you need is a calm mind and deep, controlled breaths.

How To Meditate Your Way To Happiness?

Now that we all know how meditation can make your life full of sunshine and butterflies, let’s look at how to practice meditation to achieve all the positivity it has to offer:

  • Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit and get ready to meditate.

  • The next step is to shift your mind and focus your attention on a quality you love about yourself. It can also be an accomplishment or something that makes you proud. This will allow you to put yourself in a positive light.

  • Then comes an important step, start saying some positive things to yourself like ‘may I always be happy.’ Say whatever positive thought comes to your mind and holds the most meaning. Keep repeating it for a few seconds.

  • The moment you feel a positive burst of energy by being appreciative and kind to yourself, only then you channel your good feelings to the outside world. Think of someone close to your heart and wish the same happiness for them.

  • When your meditation ends, see how this act of self-love and then projecting it to others will increase your feelings of connection, happiness, and kindness.

Meditate For Happiness

We are sure you can’t wait to start meditating and reaping all the benefits that this age-old practice holds. Only five minutes of this mindful practice can have lasting effects on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Happy meditation!

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