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Mdina - The Silent City In Malta: What To Do & What To See

If you are in Malta and on the lookout for the perfect place to visit or stay for a relaxing yet adventurous vacation, the Silent City Of Malta is the place to be. Boasting a population of only 300, this relatively small city is rich in history, breathtaking medieval architecture and scrumptious food.

So, let’s begin the travel guide to Mdina and explore the things to do in Mdina:

History of Mdina: When Was Mdina Built?

Resting on top of a hill, Mdina was once the capital of the city of Malta until 1530 when the knights of Malta arrived. History tells that the area was first populated in 700 BCE. The fascinating buildings you see; they are a blend of Baroque and Medieval architecture.

The city enjoys several different names and titles. One of them is ‘Citta Notabile’ (The noble city) due to the settlement of noble families in the city, including descendants of the Sicilian and Spanish origins.

Now, Let’s See What You Can Do In The City?

Enjoy the Mdina Architecture

Admiring the architecture of the old capital of Malta is the first thing that you should have on your to-do list. Owing to the silence and tranquility the place ensures, you will be able to indulge in noise and a pollution-free environment where the beauty of Mdina streets will leave you amazed.

Once you go beyond the Mdina Gate boundaries, you will be able to discover the treasures the city holds. You will find the narrow alleys telling tales of centuries of history with well-preserved noble houses, palazzi, private chapels, and cathedrals.

You will love how the tiny, deceptive doorways embedded in tall walls take you to properties with massive interiors. Don’t forget to experience Mdina at night or in the evening; you’ll be fascinated by the stillness of the streets and the shadows in the ambient light of the gas lamps.

The Best Places To Eat In Mdina

Once you get a taste of Mdina’s lavish cuisines, there is no going back. A few old buildings in the city have now been revamped and refurbished into exquisite cafés and restaurants that you need to visit at least once during your trip.

  • Don Mesquita is the perfect place if you’re looking to enjoy the most authentic platter of Maltese food, that too, with an awesome view.

  • When it comes to Fontanella, it is safe to say that this café is one of the most famous cafés in Malta. Located in Mdina, this luxurious tea house boasts a number of cakes that will blow you away. What’s the best part? You can enjoy your yummy treat while enjoying the breathtaking view of the city. Just don’t forget to treat your taste buds with delicious hazelnut-stuffed strawberry meringue.

  • If you are looking for a more diverse menu that features some of the best cuisines from all over the Mediterranean, then Bachhus restaurant is place is right out of your dreams.

Tourist Attractions in Mdina

There are several sites to explore in the historical city of Mdina. You can stroll down the ancient streets while admiring the intricate architecture.

  • If you have a love for history, you can plan a trip to St Paul’s Cathedral built in the 17th century. You will enjoy the Baroque architecture throughout the building with an ornate vault, arched ceiling carrying paintings of St Paul’s Shipwreck with marble and detailed stone masonry. It is simply one of the best places to see in Mdina.

  • While you are there, don't forget to check out the Cathedral Museum ranked among the most outstanding religious museums in Europe. You will see famous paintings, sacred, a coin collection and Roman antiquities.

  • If adventure is what you seek, visit Mdina Dungeons. The dimly lit Mdina Dungeons communicate the forgotten dark side of Malta with authentic chambers and entwining passageways running under the Vilhena Palace with recreated scenes and sound effects.

  • To take your trip to a new level, make sure you explore the Mdina Games of Thrones filming sites within the area. You will be able to visit Little Finger’s infamous brothel if you are lucky. Many episodes of the first season are shot in different locations of the city.

  • If you wish to see Mdina’s best-preserved medieval era building, don’t forget to visit Palazzo Falson, also known as Norman House built in 1495.

Final Thoughts

So, Is Mdina worth visiting? Offering a splendid view of the neighboring areas and sea, Mdina will serve to be the perfect getaway. With its rich history and exotic cuisine, one can simply not have enough of the Silent City.

We will advise you to visit in April to attend Medieval Mdina, one of the most popular annual events in Mdina, Malta, and behold the Silent City come to life with re-enactment and tons of other activities.

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