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Marsaxlokk: Malta's Fishing Village-Travel Guide And Tips

Marsaxlokk is a small, yet fascinating village located on Malta's southeastern coast, right beside the shoreline of the second-largest coast of Malta. The place is a must-visit if you are planning to book the next flight to spend your summer holidays in Malta.

The air of Marsaxlokk is filled with the aroma of fresh fish and seafood, cold sea breezes, and the harbor filled with colorful Luzzu boats giving the village a breathtaking view. Although being a small town with only one main road that splits the beautiful sea, you will find the village interesting and full of wonders.

Find out more about Marsaxlokk in our Malta travel guide and tips.

Interesting Facts About Marsaxlokk Malta

  • The total population of the village is not more than 4000 residents.

  • Marsaxlokk is the only fishing village in Malta.

  • The village is quite famous for its Sunday morning fish market.

  • The British built military outposts during World War II. Today they have become a part of the village.

  • “Luzzu” is the name given to the beautiful boats floating in the blue sea of the Marsaxlokk bay. These painted boats are said to date back to the Phoenician period.

How To Reach Marsaxlokk Malta?

Before planning your exploration of this tiny village, you need to know how to get to Marsaxlokk using different transportation modes.

By car

If you are interested in taking a road trip through Malta in a rented car, take the road heading to Zejtun. Follow the road signs along the way, and you will reach the village adjacent to the shore.

By public bus from Valletta

Take the 81 or 85 public buses from Valletta to get directly to Marsaxlokk.

By sightseeing bus

The famous City Sightseeing Malta bus will also take you to the Marsaxlokk village.

By Airport transfer

Upon landing at Luqa Airport, take the only direct bus route 119 to reach Marsaxlokk.

Places Of Attraction In Marsaxlokk

The village has many incredible sites worth visiting. From discovering historical monuments to dining in the best Marsaxlokk restaurants on the village's coastline, you will find the place filled with scenic views making Marsaxlokk the perfect place to make your day.

Some famous areas to explore in Marsaxlokk include:

Marsaxlokk's fish market

The village is popular for its fresh supply of fish and seafood. Marsaxlokk market takes place every Sunday and is buzzing with a freshly caught ration of fish. Over the years, the market has been enlarged, including relics and souvenirs, along with putting up stalls for the local products.

Treat yourself to fresh seafood

A fishing village visit is incomplete without feasting in the Marsaxlokk restaurants that line up the village harbor. Enjoy the freshly cooked seafood together with the sea's explicit view during the day at the terrace of Principino Restaurant or at La Nostra Padrone.

Dive in St. Peter’s Pool

St Peter’s Pool is the most soothing and relaxed place to visit in Marsaxlokk. The naturally carved pool on the Maltese coast is a welcoming site for swimming or sunbathing.

Visit Marsaxlokk Parish Church

Visit the Parish church, which is dedicated to Madonna of Pompeii. The church is a reflection of Maltese art and has an interior made up of gold, white and red. The building of the church is decorated with statues and paintings of famous Maltese artist Giuseppe Cali.

Explore Fort Delimara

Standing on the cliff, Fort Delimara is an incredible historical artifact to visit. The fort was built by the British forces in order to protect the Bay of Malta. Today it is surely a sight to behold, mainly due to the way it was constructed.

Explore the St. Lucian tower

St Lucian tower is the oldest and largest watchtower present in Marsaxlokk. It was constructed in the 17th century by the order of St. John. Take a tower of the grand tower and fill yourself with the rich history of the island.

Best Marsaxlokk Restaurants

Visit Marsaxlokk and not allow yourself a feast in the best local restaurants! Well, it is simply impossible. The seafood in the area is the pride of the island. Besides seafood, there are a lot of delicious-looking dishes that you must try at the famous restaurants in Marsaxlokk.

Here are some:


Tartarun is famous for its high-quality food and mouth-watering fish. The restaurant offers the best fish cuisine with a relaxing atmosphere.

Ta'Victor Marsaxlokk

This restaurant is located in Church Square with a perfect view of the sea. Enjoy the special meals of the day with the scenic view of the sea.

Capo Mulini

The restaurant is famous for its great view of the open sea and tasty fish.


The restaurant offers not only local Maltese cuisine, but the menu also has south Italian dishes.


It is the oldest restaurant in Marsaxlokk and is a family run business. The open kitchen allows you to see the fresh seafood being cooked right in front of you. The menu has special items for children.

Carrubia restaurant

Situated on the edge of the water, it is a perfect place for an early morning breakfast or a quick light lunch. Enjoy the calming view of the sea with a variety of dishes to taste.

So, when are you visiting Marsaxlokk Malta?

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