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Malta Water Sports Guide - What To Do In Malta?

The instant you think of ‘Malta,’ your mind drifts off to sparkling clear waters and soft sandy beaches. With the sun shining bright throughout the year, tourists and the locals love to indulge in various water sports that this happening Island offers. From several scuba diving spots to various snorkeling sites, Malta has it all. No wonder 2.1 million tourists visited the Island in the first nine months of 2019.

If you have recently booked your dream trip to the wondrous Maltese island, make sure you make the most of the several water sports activities at your disposal. In this post, we will spill the beans on what types of water-related fun activities you can thoroughly enjoy. So without further ado, let us get started with the Malta water sports guide:

Snorkeling in Malta:

One of the most exciting water activities in Malta is snorkeling. The ideal time for indulging in a snorkeling expedition is during the months of May to August, when the sea temperature is at its optimum level. Not only are the waters warm, but they are also crystal clear, allowing you to sight-see hassle-free.

If you plan on snorkeling during the peak season, it's best to avoid the sandy beaches as they get super crowded. Make your way to the rocky beaches instead and witness the abundant sea life up close and personal.

Kayaking in Malta:

When it comes to water sports, how can one forget about Kayaking? If you genuinely wish to get the most out of it, make your way to Gozo, Malta, and explore its fantastic coastline. You can get the chance to witness the enthralling scenery and explore the famous sea caves up close and personal. Moreover, you also have the option of witnessing a close view of marine life and exotic limestone cliffs that are otherwise hard to reach by boat.

If you have a soft heart for history, Kayaking will also allow you to get a more thorough look at iconic historic structures like the watchtowers of Saint John’s knights.

Scuba Diving in Malta:

There is no denying that scuba diving is one water sport that makes Malta super famous. Every year, Malta island is visited by thousands of avid scuba divers who love exploring the stunning underwater marine life that this Island has to offer. The Island is thriving with several dive sites that cater to a variety of different tastes and skill levels.

Divers can get a firsthand chance of exploring the shipwrecks from WW2 and experience swimming with exotic marine life. Scuba diving allows people to witness the side of Malta, which is otherwise hidden from the outside world.

Jet Skiing in Malta:

For people who love to add an element of thrill to their sports, Malta offers the best activity, Jet skiing. This happening Island is famous for offering a jet safari that allows you to explore the Mediterranean's crystal blue waters.

Jet skiing gives people the chance to explore geographical as well as historical places of interest. You can witness the sunset and visit the historical caverns that can only be reached by sea. So if you are looking for an ultimate water sports activity in Malta, make sure you give jet skiing a go.

Windsurfing in Malta:

Did anyone say windsurfing? Thanks to its ideal temperature and vast beaches, Malta is an excellent location for this fun-filled watersport. With several famous windsurfing locations on the Island like St. Thomas Bay and Mellieha Bay, you can enjoy this thrilling activity to the fullest.

If you plan on windsurfing, remember that the ideal months are between March and November when the wind is sufficient, and the water temperature is warm. If you plan to windsurf during the winter months, you will need to wear a wetsuit that is at least 4 mm.

Hoverboarding, Flyboarding, and Jetpacks:

For the more adventure-seeking enthusiasts, activities like flyboarding, jetpacks, and hoverboarding will work best. All you need is a little practice, and then you are good to go. Flyboarding offers the thrill of propelling through the air while keeping control of the heights you reach.

If you would rather have a jetpack strapped to your back, you can also opt for this option and get the experience of a lifetime.

Skimboarding in Malta:

For those seeking an ultimate water adventure that offers a thrill like no other, skimboarding should top your list. Thanks to its abundant beaches and crystal clear waters, Malta is a hub for skimboarding enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an expert-level skimboarder, there are plenty of skimboarding options that cater to every skill level.

If you aren't a pro at this wondrous water sport, fret not, you can always book yourself some lessons to polish your skimboarding skills. Moreover, there are a variety of rental shops that will provide you with all the necessary gear to hit the waves hassle-free. You can also stroll through the shop of skimboard school in Malta and browse through the different options of skimboards to buy in Malta to find a skimboard that suits you best.

If you are planning to visit Malta anytime soon, or are already living on this gorgeous island of Malta, make sure you go skimboarding for an experience like no other.

Boat Trips in Malta:

No water-related activities are complete without any boat trips, and it comes as no surprise that Malta has plenty to offer. You have the option to book yourself a luxurious cruise, or you can book a private boat tour with your close friends and family.

If you are more inclined towards organized trips featuring selected locations with predetermined departure points, cruises should be your top option. For a more intimate and rule-free agenda, you can hire private boats that will suit you just fine.

Final Words About Water Sports Activities In Malta:

When it comes to water sports and water-related activities, Malta is thriving with several fun options. Whether you want to go on a peaceful boat ride or are tempted to discover the underwater sea life, there are plenty of options for you to explore. If you plan to visit Malta anytime soon, make sure you give the water sports mentioned above a try and enjoy the ride.

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