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Malta Theatre Guide For 2021

One unique feature of the several villages and towns in Malta and Gozo is that they are blessed with gorgeous theatres. Ranging in size, locations, and types of events hosted, each theatre in Malta flaunts its unique history. If you have booked your trip to Malta and are narrowing some ‘must-see’ venues, the island’s magical theatres should be at the top of your list.

So what makes these theatres a top hit among the locals and tourists alike? Let's look at some of the most famous theatres that make Malta and Gozo so special. So, let's begin our theatre Malta guide.

Manoel Theatre, Valletta

How would you like to enjoy a night at Europe’s third-oldest working theatre?

The famous Manoel Theatre, Valletta, is one of the oldest theatres in Europe, built by Antonio Manoel de Vilhena in 1731. Manoel theatre has seen its fair share of ups and downs; however, it started thriving during the British reign. The theatre has been restored fully and is Malta's National Theatre.

The beautiful theatre in Valletta hosts frequent performances of drama, music, and arts. The Manoel Theatre features a seating capacity for around 623 guests. Every year, thousands of patrons are welcomed with open arms to view the breathtaking performances.

Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta

This stunning Pjazza Teatru Rjal theatre was made in 1866 during British rule and enjoyed a reputation of being a famous art venue. However, tragedy struck when a fire broke out in the building, damaging a massive chunk of its interior. The building was restored in 1877, but its string of bad luck didn't stop there. It was again destroyed in a raid during the Second World War.

This Valletta theatre was restored to its original glory and is today available to the public as an open-air theatre.

Aurora Theatre, Gozo

The magnificent Aurora Theatre was built during the 70s according to the designs and plans of Chev Emvin Cremona, who was a famous Maltese artist. Built inside a grand villa, the gorgeous theatre has a seating capacity of 1600 people and boasts a spacious auditorium. Its unique U-shaped design, architectural features, slope, and carefully chosen furnishing and fabrics add to the theatre’s glamour.

The Aurora Theatre is an exclusive performance venue that has been a hotspot for renowned operas especially, since its inauguration in 1976 and other forms of musical entertainment. This majestic theatre is one of the best theatres in Gozo.

Robert Samut Hall, Floriana

Another theatre that cannot be missed is the Robert Samut Hall. What makes it so unique is that this building used to be a Methodist Church in Floriana in the late 19th century. The grand Neo-Gothic church was built during the years 1881 and 1883 according to the designs of famous architect Thomas Mullet. It opened its doors for worship on the 18th of March in 1883.

The church was handed over to the government during the early 70s, where its name was changed to Robert Samut Hall and was inaugurated as a venue for cultural activities. Not to forget, the beautiful architecture makes its tourists' favorite spot, especially for classy, memorable clicks.

Astra Theatre, Gozo

Majestically draped in architectural magnificence, the Astra theatre welcomes visitors with its Greek-inspired front. After its inauguration in 1968, this Gozo, Malta theatre has been a host to various stars and performances that left spectators absolutely speechless. Some of the prominent names that have performed here include The Goggi sisters, Raffaella Carra and Nek.

The Gozo Theatre has a seating capacity for 1200 people and is separated into two box tiers on either side with a balcony in the middle.

The Palace Theatre, Paola

The Palace Theatre was designed by Dom Mintoff who is a former Maltese Prime Minister. The theatre also includes works of the famous Maltese artist Emvin Cremona. Being the only theatre in its location, it has a seating capacity of 500 people and boasts a wide stage that the audience can look onto.

Currently, it is being used for occasional events that the locals organize, like parties or coffee mornings. Only recently, it has also been used for album launches and concerts.

Dun Edgar Hall, Mġarr

Although the Dun Edgar Hall doesn't boast a very happening history, it is still a prominent theatre in Malta.

This theatre company was famous for being a top venue where different drama groups throughout the nation would go to compete. The Dun Edgar Hall’s fame doesn't stop here; for the past several years, it has been a hub for the Malta Song Contest (theatre version). Although this Malta theatre may not be as regal as its counterparts, it still has a magical feel to it.

Mount Carmel Hospital Community Theatre

The Mount Carmel Hospital Community Theatre is a division of the Mount Carmel Hospital and is visited by the Maltese public as well as the hospital community. It is known for hosting a variety of performances that promise to leave the audience thoroughly enthralled. The theatre got the public's attention when it hosted the launch of local heavyweights Brikkuni’s album in 2017. Following in their footsteps, another local band, Eyes to Argus, also launched their album here.

St. Vincent De Paul Residence Theatre, Luqa

What makes this Maltese theatre so unique is the fact that it is made in a residence for elderly people. It is used for different types of performances and is visited by the general public along with the elderly residents.

Final Thoughts About Theatres in Malta

There you have it; these were some of the most famous theatres in Malta and Gozo that are loaded with history and class. With so many performances, acts, plays, and concerts being hosted, each theatre has its own value and importance for its loyal visitors.

The next time you are in Malta, make sure you visit one of them to truly understand what the hype is all about.

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