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Local Band Clubs In Malta: Malta's Local Music Scene

Everyone knows about the happening life of the beautiful islands of Malta, but do they know about its famous local Malta band clubs?

These local bands in Malta are an integral part of Maltese culture, and with time, they have earned a special place in every village and town. These Maltese bands aim to promote Malta's local music scene, spread Maltese culture, teach music, and provide a place for community meetings.

History Of Local Bands In Malta

The band clubs in Malta hold a special place in the Maltese culture. From the sixteenth century onward, celebrations and feasts carried out to honor villages' patron saints have always been done with a music band. In the earlier days, these bands usually consisted of flutes and drums; however, the bands now use various instruments.

During the period of poverty and war, several locals could not afford to buy musical instruments. As a result, band clubs were formed so that community members and well-off merchants could help those who wanted to practice and learn an instrument to play during festivals. By the year 1974, every parish had its own band club, and some even had more.

The Malta Band Clubs Association

The Malta Band Clubs Association was formed in 1947, and at that time, there were 60 band clubs. Many decades later, the government still recognizes the Association for representing 95% of Maltese band clubs.

Besides regulating the band clubs' formal affairs, this Association is also involved in organizing competitions and concerts and holding celebrations for its patron saint where people can enjoy local Malta music.

The Purpose Of Band Clubs In Malta

In Malta, every village and town have its band club, and in some cases, some villages have two band clubs as they have two celebrations. One of these feats is in honor of their patron saint, whereas the second celebration is done for another saint.

However, the fierce rivalry took place in Maltese villages with a higher number of band clubs during the past. This sense of competition sometimes turned violent when each band tried to outshine the other to celebrate their saint.

Nowadays, this rivalry trend has changed, and the level of competition is utilized positively. The competing bands try their utmost best to decorate the club's premises and create the most joyful atmosphere with their unique musical performances. The bands march while wearing uniforms, aligning in rows of 6 while boasting their badge club. These local band clubs in Malta consist of 60-70 men and women band members that play various instruments.

Malta Band Clubs Today

Local band clubs in Malta offer much more than just playing music for their honorary saint.

  • They are meeting places for locals where the village elders meet to exchange gossip, and younger men enjoy different activities like snooker.

  • Almost all the band clubs in Malta also have women’s sections and youth sections.

  • People can enjoy drinks, snacks, and food at very reasonable prices. Tourists on a budget can also make the most of their time here while enjoying authentic Maltese music, culture, and snacks.

Malta Local Music; Final Thoughts

Local professional musicians and bands are now making their mark on this happening island. There is no doubt that Band clubs in Malta are an integral part of Maltese culture and history as they showcase the true essence of Maltese traditions and their happening way of life.

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