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Lifestyle In Malta: The People, Language And Life In Malta

Situated at a distance of 50 miles from the south of Sicily, Malta is heaven on earth, brimming with life and culture. Boasting a typical Mediterranean climate and loaded with a variety of destinations to explore, there is no wonder that this archipelago is thriving as a top tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea.

What is Malta famous for? Ranging from popular destinations including the happening port city to the exceptionally exquisite cuisine to exciting nightlife, Malta has it all. So what can one expect once they embark on their trip to this gorgeous destination? How is the daily life in Malta?

Let us look at the typical lifestyle in Malta that everyone has been raving about.

The People Of Malta Are Warm & Welcoming

What makes a place inviting? You guessed it; the locals. People of any place determine whether a destination will be thriving with tourists all year round or not so much.

People of Malta are famous for their hospitality and friendly personalities. They welcome tourists with open hearts and are always willing to help them out. Whether you are looking for directions or you need some insight into their culture, the Maltese have always got your back.

Is Malta a safe place to visit? The crime rate in Malta is exceptionally low as the people have a strong sense of being responsible citizens.

Everyday Life In Malta

Everyday Maltese life is typically the same as the lifestyle of other warm countries. The Maltese begin their day reasonably early, which is mostly around 7 am. Everyone can be seen getting busy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The nights, however, are rather peaceful except for the famous spots that party the night away.

The summer season in Malta brings with it loads of festivals and celebrations. The villages celebrate their highly respected saints with full zest and zeal. There are fireworks, festivities, and the village churches are exquisitely decorated.

Put simply, everyday life in Malta is how you want to be. It all comes down to whether you want to relax or spend your time partying.

Religion In Malta

Speaking traditionally, Malta is a Catholic country that boasts a massive catholic population. It is the State's religion, and their calendar is marked following the Catholic public holidays and religious celebrations.

However, Malta is a multicultural country, and all the residents have absolute freedom to live according to their respective traditions and faith.

Whether its marriage, abortion, divorce, or any other aspect of morality, every important matter takes its roots from religion. Religion plays a vital role in education in Malta. This is why religious courses are taught to children from a young age, and adults take part in prayer groups to pray for the needy.

There are around 365 churches in Maltese islands where there is one church for every day. Each town has its specific parish church that is its focal point and a beacon of pride.

Language In Malta

What language do Maltese speak? There are two official languages of Malta, namely English and Maltese. The unique aspect of the Maltese language is that it is influenced by Italian, English, French, and Arabic. Every town and village have its specific style and dialect of the Maltese language, which is spoken a lot and it is the official language on all islands.

On the other hand, English is widely used around the islands, in newspapers, menus, radio shows, and signs.

Landscapes Of The Maltese Islands

Malta and its islands are full of landscapes that feature dry vegetation, terraced fields, limestone, and rocks. All of this is a result of the strong sunshine that the Malta islands are blessed with all year long. Sometimes after heavy rain, temporary little rivers are born.

Many centuries back, the Maltese woods had been cut, which is why the surviving trees are mostly citrus, fruits, and olives. The hills of Gozo and Malta are used for cultivating vegetables and grapes.

The Happening Life In Gozo, Malta

In comparison to Malta, Gozo is a rural island famous for the scenic hills that it boasts. For people who love to be in the countryside, there are several lovely trails for walks accompanied by breathtaking views throughout the island. Based on your preference, you can either go for a hike or head off on a relaxing walk.

Gozo is the perfect destination for people who are looking for a weekend break. There are several hotels and farmhouses available to rent that will make your trip worthwhile. Living in Gozo, you have the option of either keeping to yourself, enjoying the beaches or partying till you drop.

Final Verdict

Malta is one hotspot for tourists because of the vast options it offers in terms of recreation and discoveries. No matter what your preferences are, there is always something for everyone in the Maltese heaven, which makes it easy to enjoy the lifestyle in Malta.

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