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Learn Skimboarding In Malta - How To Get On A Skimboard?

Skimboarding is becoming popular day by day in many countries, especially those close to the ocean or sea. Malta is an island country surrounded by the sea, making it home to many water sports activities, including skimboarding. The sport is fantastic when we consider it in terms of fun and thrill. If you plan to visit Malta, we highly recommend you to learn skimboarding in Malta, starting from how to get on a skimboard and include valuable techniques including a one-step drop technique.

Prepare Yourself and the Board:

Before you learn how to get on a skimboard, it is essential to learn how to grab and point it towards the sand or water. People usually point the skimboard towards the surface, which is wrong. It would be best to throw it gently and parallel to the beach, making sure that it lands flat on the surface of wet sand. It will keep you from falling or facing other such injuries.

One-Step Drop Technique:

The most commonly used technique for skimboarding is the one-step drop technique:

  • Grab the rail of your skimboard with your front hand and use your backhand to grab the area between the rail and the tail.

  • After holding the board, bring it towards your right side if you are regular-footed.

  • Start running and throw the board ahead of yourself. Make sure that the skimboard lands flat on the surface.

  • Throw the board right in front of you. Don’t throw it too far away, so you have to chase it down. The next step should be on the skimboard after releasing it.

  • Bend your knees to maintain balance and to surf for long.

A Few Handful of Skimboarding Tips:

These tips can add a lot to the fun skimboarding creates.

  • Learn the basics before heading towards the advanced techniques of skimboarding.

  • Want to skimboard for long? Maintain your balance in the center and keep switching your stance while surfing.

  • A low and stable stance will not let you get tired soon.

  • Watch some skimboarding videos before you get started.

Avoid Injuries:

For safe skimboarding, you need to keep several aspects in mind. A few of them are as follows.

  • Always use a helmet as a beginner and if you have no instructor.

  • Choose the best skimboard that suites your body weight and height.

  • When you bend your knees while skimboarding, your body weight shifts on the knees, so they may feel tired. When you get tired, stop skimboarding.

  • Don’t over-run in an attempt to ride the skimboard. You may slip and fall.

  • Keep changing your stance while surfing (side-slip). It will allow you to surf for long.

  • Choose the ideal beach.

Malta's beaches are the ideal places for skimboarding. So, if you want to learn skimboarding in Malta, the first step is to learn how to get on a skimboard. The tips provided in the article will help you whether you are new to skimboarding or advanced. Keeping all these suggestions in mind, you may also apply your own experiences while surfing. It will protect you from accidents and let yourself experience skimboarding and enjoy your time on the beach.

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