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Increasing Popularity In Skimboarding

Skimboarding is gaining spotlight day by day across the globe, especially in countries that are near to the sea or the ocean, such as Malta.

There was a time when surfing dominated the world of wave riding but short after skimboarding made its debut, it took quite well. Yes, it all started when lifeguards at Laguna Beach started using wood pieces to travel across the beach in the mid-1920s in order to swim and reach their targets quickly.

The next thing we know, it made its way to Australia and California and took its modern form in 1960. I mean, if you can get your hands on some Hollywood magazines from the '70s, you will see many celebs posing with skimboards. Not only that but with the first annual World Skimboard Championships taking place in 1976, it became a serious sport that people started falling in love with worldwide.

In the '90s, the water sport experienced some decline, but it was all about to change for good.

We Are Living In The Time Of Skimboarding

With the arrival of the 21st century, skimboarding not only gained its lost value but started to grow more and became recognized globally. This boom in popularity of skimboarding is due to many right reasons. Let's shed some light on the increasing popularity of skimboarding.

It’s About All Thrill And Options

Like we said before, wave riding was all about surfing, but with the advent of skimboarding, no more. This gave lovers of water sports another option to enjoy the thrilling water adventure with a new style of equipment and demands.

Where surfing involves going into deep water, skimboarding offers completely different excitement as a skimboarder has to catch an oncoming wave from the beach, dropping his/her skimboard onto the wet sand, and jumping on to ride the board to meet the wave and turn around and come back in.

Its Reaching New Markets Everyday

For years, participation in skimboarding remained concentrated in North America and Europe mainly, and growing also in countries like Malta. However, thanks to the charm of the US satellite TV, skimboarding is increasingly becoming popular in Africa and Asia.

Now, as we all know, newer markets mean more and better opportunities, which is exactly the case with this boardsport. The size skimboarding market is increasing, and experts expect to see this growth intensifying in the coming years. No to forget, the swelling viewership of skimboarding events through social media platforms and television also play an integral role.

No wonder we see skimboard producing companies coming with newer and innovative technologies and materials to enhance the user experience. The demand for skimboards is at its all-time high right now, and the markets are flooded with water flow-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and lightweight features. The makers are switching to materials like rock maple veneer, fiberglass, wood materials, and carbon to provide improved products. Handmade skimboards are a super-hyped upcoming trend, expected to bring a bang.

Growth Of Skimboarding Schools

Another reason why skimboarding is gaining more popularity which also doubles as proof, is the emergence of skimboarding schools at different beaches all around the globe. From the east to the west coast of America to Malta to Portugal to Hawaii, growth in the number of skimboarding schools is impressive, and many surfing schools are starting to offer skimboarding lessons to students.

It Is Increasingly Becoming A Part Of Beach Lifestyle

The scenes you see on American TV shows with its youth and people in their 20s and 30s starting their days with skimboarding faulting their skimboards in different attractive designs is not a lie.

People living near beaches in the USA are adopting skimboarding as a routine ritual. Sporting to the best of spirits and energy under the sun, you will relax and be thrilled at the same time.

Skimboarding In Malta

Malta is one of those countries where watersports are enjoyed increasingly, thanks to the abundant beautiful beaches in Malta. And like everywhere in the world, skimboarding is also enjoying incredible growth in fame in Malta. Its beaches offer excellent opportunities for skimboarding, and skimboard school in Malta are offering lessons to locals and tourists.

Seeing the growth patterns of this boardsport, we can say skimboarding is here to rule, and pretty soon, we will see it reaching all corners of the world.

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