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How To Wax A Skimboard?

While skimboarding is one of the most invigorating and action-packed watersports out there, you can only enjoy it thoroughly with the proper equipment. Thus, after you have picked the right skimboard for yourself, it is also important for you to focus on its maintenance, and waxing your skimboard is one of the vital maintenance factors.

Waxing a skimboard not only helps with maintaining its durability but also ensures your safety so that you can have maximum fun while indulging in your favorite watersport. Follow this simple guide on how to wax your skimboard to make sure that your feet have the proper grip when riding the waves.

How to Get the Perfect Wax Job on Your Skimboard?

Before you start to wax the surface of your skimboard, here are a few supplies you will need:

  • Skimboard wax for the topcoat

  • Wax for the base coat

  • Wax comb

  • Wax cleaner

  • Paper towels

The Base Coat

Once you have gathered all of the supplies, set your skimboard on a surface and grab the base wax. Applying the base coat is a crucial step as the topcoat usually wears off with each skimming round, but the base coat remains, and it also acts as a hold for the topcoat.

Press down on the wax before you start applying it to ensure that the wax comes off on the surface of the skimboard.

Next, you will want to make broad strokes with the wax stick on the surface of the board until a bump pattern is seen. There are a few techniques you can master to do this, like rubbing the wax in circles or a straight line along the length of the board, in a criss-cross manner, or just going in any direction. This is entirely up to you, and with time, you will learn which method suits you the best.

The Top Coat

After you have applied a generous amount of the base coat, it is time for you to seal the deal with a softer top coat. This helps the skimboard's surface to become tacky and stick to your feet for a better grip.

Before selecting a topcoat wax, keep in mind that the chemicals in this wax are affected by temperature, which is why you should buy one that is appropriate for the temperature of the water you will be skimming in.

Since the wax used for the topcoat of skimboards is softer, you do not need to press it down that hard onto the surface. Again, the technique you opt for to apply the wax is entirely up to you.

Oh, and Do Not Forget.

Other factors, like how much skimboard wax to use and where to apply the wax, will vary depending on your skimboarding expertise and tactics. However, a good rule of thumb is to apply a generous, thick layer of wax, focusing on the areas of the board where your feet will be.

Waxing your skimboard before each skimboarding session is not only a precaution to ensure your safety, but it will completely revitalize your skimboarding experience, so make sure that you follow the proper guidelines.

So, now you know how to wax a skimboard.

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