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How To Skimboard Waves?

Skimboarding on waves is one enthralling activity that requires practice, skill, and patience to master. If you are also on the mission to up your wave skimboarding game, this step-by-step guide will give you all the necessary tips and skimboard tricks that will make you learn the basics in no time.

So without wasting any more time, let us get started with our how to skimboard guide:

Preparation Is Essential:

The first step you will need to take care of is to be fully prepared before you start. This begins by choosing the right skimboard, made with the right materials to help you skim waves effortlessly. For example, a foamie or carbon skimboard is the ideal choice for skimming waves, as it is durable and lightweight.

Once that is sorted, the next step is to pick the perfect beach that specifically caters to skimming waves. These have flat shores instead of slopes, and their waves break closer to the shore. The final step is to choose a spot that isn't crowded or has rocks on the coast, as this can be dangerous for beginners.

Making Your Way To The Water:

The next step involves running to the water with your skimboard. This can be divided into the following three steps:

Holding The Board:

Hold your board in such a way that your dominant hand holds the board's back part, whereas the other hand supports the board's front part. This technique ensures your board will land in the right direction.


Wait and observe the waves and proceed at the right time. Look for a wave that will break nearer to the shore. As a beginner, look for small waves that are closer to the shore. Start running towards the wave as soon as it starts forming and is still a bit further from the coast. Remember, patience is key; you may have to wait a long time for the perfect wave.


Position your skimboard in the right way and proceed towards the desired wave at a slow or medium speed as a beginner. Don’t run too fast, as you can mess up the timing and not reach the wave in due time.

Throwing Your Board:

Once you reach your desired wave, start running close to it and drop your board down on the wet sand or shallow waters. Don’t throw your board further away, as you need to go on it as soon as the wave comes in.

Start Skimming:

Once you go onto the skimboard, make sure you give due importance to your feet placement. Don't jump on with too much force, as that may end up breaking the water surface. Remember to put your feet on the board one after the other, with your back foot going first.

Once both feet are mounted, shift your weight on the back of your feet to ensure you don't sink. This will allow you to ride the wave at a 180 degrees turn, and a second wave will bring you to the shore. Now that you are riding the waves, it’s time to enjoy the thrill and the rush you are getting.

Final Thoughts:

Well, there you have it, simply follow the steps mentioned above, and you can start skimming waves with finesse in no time. So, when do you plan to grab your skimboard and make your way to the nearest beach?

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