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Environment Protection By Planting Mangrove Forests In Indonesia. Sustainability Project In Malta.

Malta’s first ever skim surfing school is fully committed to work on Malta’s environment protection through its Malta sustainability projects. Highly passionate, the school offers numerous private and group courses and aims to plant a mangrove sea tree in Indonesia for every lesson you book. The school’s primary objective is to enable individuals to protect the climate through our lessons. In this way, we want these enthusiastic individuals to get united to grow new mangrove forests.

Why Mangrove Sea Trees?

Mangrove trees grow in coastal brackish waters around the world between latitudes 25° N and 25° S. They play an active role in protecting shorelines from hurricane winds, sea storms, and waves. They filter pollutants and trap sediments that originate from land to maintain the quality and clarity of coastal water. Given these benefits, these environment-friendly trees are highly significant for coastal saline to maintain its ecosystem.

Mangroves in Danger!

On the other hand, the continuous deforestation of mangroves to make room for agricultural land, infrastructure, tourists’ points, and more, have alarmingly decreased them in numbers. They are also cleaned up as people assume, they are unproductive and create an unpleasant smell. However, a mangrove plant is a lot better than rainforest in removing carbon from the atmosphere. Considering this difficult situation, a Mangrove sea tree will be planted in Indonesia for each lesson booked, as a part of our Malta sustainability projects.

Other Aspects of our Malta Sustainability Projects:

The other parts of the project are also equally important. Cleaning a beach in Malta every month and using non-toxic surf that is environment-friendly, have their own significance. Coral reefs take thousands of years to grow, but they are getting destroyed due to excessive fishing, blast fishing, and coral mining. We use zinc based coral reef friendly sunscreens to protect them. We tend to promote recycling as it is highly essential for Malta’s environment protection.

How We Work:

SeaTrees, a non-profit organization, encourages the individuals to be a part of its projects and help the environment improve. Every individual is urged to grow his/her own mangrove forests by planting at least 50 trees in Indonesia. California’s Kelp forests also need attention as they are dying too. SeaTrees encourages individuals and groups to donate different amounts to restore the forests.

The project to protect the Cardamom Rainforest in Cambodia includes saving an old-growth rainforest to help numerous species survive by creating the ecosystem that best suites them. It also aims to protect the largest mangrove forests ecosystem in the gulf of Thailand. Moreover, the upcoming project to protect seagrass will be another great environment-friendly plan.

Final Words:

It is not possible for an individual or an institution to protect the entire environment. So, your skim surfing school needs your cooperation to work within its projects by booking a lesson, get a mangrove sea tree planted, and create a positive change. All in all, we are highly optimistic about the positive outcomes of our Malta environment protection projects.


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