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What Are The Different Types of Skimboards?

A union of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, skimboarding is an invigorating sport packed with fun and makes one feel like the master of the waves.

Skimboarding is divided into two categorieswave skimming, which is akin to surfing and involves catching waves, while flatland skimming is closer to skateboarding and is commonly done on exceptionally shallow water on land. Thus, a wide range of skimboards are designed based solely on the location and the type of water they are meant to be used in.

So, before you decide which one you want to purchase, it is vital that you identify the purpose for which you want a skimboard. So, without much further ado, let’s see which skimboard matches your personal style the best:

Foam or Fiberglass Boards

Made from foam with a clear fiberglass or resin coating, these skimboards are designed specifically for wave skimboarding as they are lighter in weight and can be maneuvered with relative ease, which means that they can glide smoothly over smaller waves.

Boards made solely from fiberglass are best recommended for beginners as they provide a smoother glide over the waves. However, this material does not react that well with solids and gets dented easily, so it is better to use this skimboard on the smooth, wet sand.

Moreover, foam skimboards have a lifted and pointed nose, which makes the board responsive and easier to control. However, the flexibility of the foam board means that it can be a little on the pricey side. A little thicker in width but light as a feather, these boards are the ideal fit for learning different skimboarding tricks!

Wooden Boards

Designed for flatland skimboarding, wooden boards sport a heavier weight plus a durable surface. Risking lesser damage, these boards are perfect for skimming over a thin layer of water on a sandy beach. Usually, with the same amount of curvature on the nose and tail, wooden skimboards provide a higher level of maneuverability.

As a wooden skimboard tends to sink easily due to its weight, they are used for shallow water areas, and the thickness makes them last longer, which is great for anyone just looking to start skimboarding. However, athletes tend to prefer this board more than beginners, as the chances of getting hit are higher. Additionally, these inexpensive, customizable boards are available in a large range of shapes, lengths, and weights that fit each rider’s unique size and style!

Carbon Fiber Boards

Light and powerful – these boards are a top choice for professional skimboarders who are not afraid of getting crazy with their moves! The pointy nose and narrow body of the board allow more control and balance on bigger waves, while the stiff surface makes it harder to bend, which only adds to its coolness as experts can effortlessly perform their jaw-dropping tricks and turns.

Meant for advanced professionals, it comes with no surprise that these skimboards are, in fact, the most expensive of them all.

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