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Difference between Surfing and Skimboarding: The Basics

A trip to the seaside can surely brighten your day and lighten your mood but taking part in an active beach sport will double the fun. With so many thrilling options available, it becomes a little challenging to choose one.

Skimboarding and surfing are the two most loved water activities that make you experience the thrill and excitement while enjoying the waves. But what is the difference between the two? Let us shed some light on the difference between surfing and skimboarding.

Skimboarding vs Surfing

So, what is skimboarding and how to skimboard?

To skimboard, a skimboard surfer needs to stand about 6m from the ocean or sea from where he can observe the oncoming waves. As soon as you spot a decent incoming breaking wave, you run towards it, and upon reaching the wet sand (thin wash of previous waves), drop your board and jump on it as quickly as possible. Keeping your board steady, you meet the coming wave, and then ride it back to the shore.

Surfing also involves riding the waves towards the shore, but in surfing, a rider is surfing on the forward part or face of a moving wave while standing or lying on a surfboard until the wave breaks and drops its energy.

Differences between Surfing and Skimboarding

For beginners, skimboarding may look similar to surfing, but there are quite a few differences. Let's discuss the difference between surfing and skimboarding:

  • If you take a closer look at the skimboard, you will see that it is a bit different from a surfboard. Skimboards are about half the length, half the thickness, and slightly narrower than a surfboard. Plus, skimboards don't have fins, which makes them less stable and harder to control. A Surfboard has a fin at one end and is more buoyant as compared to skimboards.

  • For skimboarding, you don't need huge waves. Even if there are no waves, skimboards can skim parallel to the shore and perform various tricks in the water.

  • Unlike skimboarders, surfers go out into the deep ocean or sea and then ride huge waves back to the shore. The surfers wait for bigger waves that can give them the thrill of surfing. Skimboarders, on the other hand, catch waves breaking on the shore.

  • All individuals learn differently but learning the basics of surfing or skimboarding you can master in a matter of a few weeks. But to improve and learn some tricks needs effort and more time on the beach. Recognizing a perfect wave to skimboard and then maintaining your balance on the board also requires great technique.

  • There are varying surfing styles, and you can ride your surfing board in myriad styles, such as on your feet, stomach, or even on your knees.

Skimboarding vs Surfing

So, now you know the difference between skimboarding and surfing.

Both of the water sports have their distinct aspects and offer thrilling and enjoyable time at the beach. If you are skilled at either of these, you can play quite a few tricks with the waves and enjoy yourself. Surfing and skimboarding is surely a fun experience in Malta you should not miss on your next holiday trip or if you search for a new experience on the islands.

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