Cleaning The Local Beaches In Malta

Malta Island is famous for having the most beautiful beaches that attract a ton of tourists every year. What makes these beaches in Malta such a hit is their crystal-clear waters and soft sandy shores.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to preserve their beauty by keeping them clean. Cleaning the beach requires us to take measures at an individual as well as on a collective level.

Why Is It Important To Keep Our Beaches Clean?

Why is beach cleaning important? Other than soothing our mind, body, and soul, marine animals are also dependent on the beach ecosystem. Many of them are very tiny or are hidden away in the sand, but they have an active role in recycling nutrients and seawater filtration.

Many of them rely on the beach environment to serve as nesting sites or rookeries for birds and turtles. If you move up on the marine food chain, beaches are an essential feeding ground for wildlife and birds.

Moreover, beaches act as a buffer in protecting the coastline from the harmful effects of powerful storms and strong winds. All these benefits are dependent on the beaches being clean, safe, and healthy.

Pollution On The Beaches Is A Serious Problem

It is not just plastic that is polluting the beaches; there are different types of materials that are damaging marine life. Every year there are 8 billion tons of waste and plastic debris thrown into the beaches.

1 in every 3 marine mammal kinds is found entangled in the litter while 100 million sea animals die from plastic waste each year. Who can forget the dead sperm whale that washed ashore in Indonesia with 13 pounds of plastic in its body?

Therefore, beach cleaning is essential for improving the ocean and coastal ecosystems by ensuring that the trash does not kill marine life or cause any disturbance in the marine life cycle.

Therefore, beach cleanups are organized among coastlines around the world. It is a volunteer activity in which people are actively involved in making the beach trash-free to ensure the coastal and marine life's health and safety.

So, how do you clean a beach and make it plastic-free?

What Can You Do To Help Clean Our Beaches in Malta?

What can we do to make a difference in keeping beaches in Malta as clean as possible? You need to incorporate the following habits whether you are on holiday in Malta or living in Malta:

  • When you visit the beaches in Malta, make sure you take care of your trash. You should never throw any plastic or other waste on the beach. On all beaches on the islands of Malta are trash bins available happy to collect your trash for a better living environment.

  • If you take food along, make sure you keep it to yourself. Do not disrupt the sea and shore animals’ diet.

  • Take part in a local beach cleanup program. You can either plan a beach cleanup by yourself or participate with an organization.

  • If you take your pets with you, make sure you act responsibly by taking care of their waste.

  • You can donate to an organization that is devoted to keeping beaches safe and healthy.

  • Spread the word about the importance of having clean and healthy beaches. Educate your family and your friends about beach cleaning.

We need to work together on an individual and a collective level to help make the beaches on the islands of Malta and around the world trash and plastic-free. Your skimboard school in Malta is actively involved in its mission of making the beaches in Malta safe and clean. We organize regular beach cleanups every month and encourage people to participate as much as they can for a better living environment around the island.

Final Thoughts

The number of plastic and debris that is being disposed of on the beaches is increasing. It is our moral duty to step forward and take a solid action to clean these gifts of nature to ensure our planet's safety.

Now that you know how to clean a beach, let us join hands to make beaches in Malta plastic and trash free.