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Boat Tours And Trips Around Malta, Gozo, And Comino

Malta is famous for its crystal clear waters and thriving underwater sea life. Owing to the numerous enthralling activities and adventures this happening island offers, it is a hotspot for tourists all year round.

So what activity takes the fun in Malta to a whole new level? You guessed it, Malta boat trips. Being an archipelago, it comes as no surprise that abundant clear waters surround this happening island, and what better way to explore the island's hidden beauty than by boat?

So let us look at the numerous places to visit in Malta during your day trip to Malta.

Different Boat Tours Malta, Comino, and Gozo

If you want to explore Malta at its best, there is no better way than taking a fulfilling boat ride that will help you discover the hidden gems that this island has to offer. With so many options to choose from, you are bound to find a deal that will serve you best for your sightseeing tours.

  • You can choose to spend a whole day at sea while lazing around your boat that offers catering or a buffet.

  • The open bar with various drinks and wine included in the price will be the extra cherry on the cake.

  • Just remember to take your swimming suit along, as the glistening waters will be hard to resist.

Let's look at the different sites you can explore during your Malta tours.

The Capital City Valletta

Every trip should begin with a much-needed visit to the ever so famous capital city, Valletta. This little city is the perfect mix of historical architecture from Malta's olden eras, making it a must-visit sight.

You can take a relaxing cruise around Malta's historical, natural, and glorious harbors and get enthralled by the island's majestic beauty. Taking the Valletta Grand Harbour Tour will be the best decision you ever make.

Once you make your way inside the Grand Harbour, you can get an up-close insight into how this port is crucial for the island's economy. You can witness the several cargo ships entering and unloading as other cargo ships are getting ready to depart.

The Three Cities

If you are a history lover, then taking a boat ride to The Three Cities should be on the top of your list of Malta sightseeing. You have the option of taking either a ferry or a boat from Valletta and explore Malta's history. Taking a ride on a typical Maltese boat will allow you to uncover Malta's colorful ports.

Take a ride on 'Dghajsa,' a traditional Maltese boat, and explore Senglea, Vittoriosa, and Cospicua, which provided a home to several people who came to settle on the island.

Underwater Safaris In Gozo And Malta

Who would not love to witness an underwater safari trip during Malta tours? The aquatic marine life around Malta Island is brimming with life and offers breathtaking views. This is a top reason why Gozo and Malta are the most sought after scuba diving hotspots.

If you hate the idea of getting wet, book yourself an underwater safari trip that takes off from St. Paul's Bay. The total trip lasts for about one and a half hours, and each passenger gets twenty minutes of viewing from the observation chamber.

Boat Tours In Blue Lagoon

The smallest island in Malta is Comino, which is famous for its crystal blue waters of the ever so favorite tourist destination, Blue Lagoon. This part of Comino is jam-packed with tourists from May to October and is a must when it comes to Malta sightseeing.

You always have the option of taking a ferry ride to get to Comino, but what is the fun in that? Taking a boat tour and discovering the beauty of the Blue Lagoon is the best decision you will ever make.

There are many Malta boat trips available that offer exciting Malta day trips and other activities on the way.

Blue Grotto Boat Tours

If you also suffer from a selfie fever, you must head off to the Blue Grotto, situated in the South-Western area of Malta. Take a boat ride to soak in the beauty of the caves as you make your way down the glistening blue waters of this exotic location. The rocks along the coastline have taken the shape of amazing caverns that you would love to explore.

Take a boat ride to make the most of your exploring expedition of the caverns and arches, and brace yourself to get amazed by the crystal clear water and breathtaking scenery. This part may be tough to reach for many tourists; this is why it is always good to visit this exotic location with a group of tourists.

Take Fishing Trips

Do you love fishing? If yes, you can make the most of several fishing trips that will offer you an experience of a lifetime during your Malta excursions. You can join a group of other fishing enthusiasts or plan a trip with your family and friends. You will be taken to the best fishing area in the Maltese islands by an experienced captain.

You will also be provided with top of the line fishing equipment and bait. If you aren't a pro at fishing, the skilled members will gladly teach you a trick or two.

Different Tour Options In Malta

There are different tour options that you can enjoy to get the most out of your Malta excursions. Let us look at the most common two.

Small group tours: If you plan to take a tour that includes meals, accommodation, and excursions, you can opt for small group tours. They will include an experienced guide and have a total of 6-12 members.

Private tours: These Malta day trips are ideal for people who love their privacy. This will allow you to explore different locations thoroughly, and an experienced guide will provide you with ample information about every site you visit.

Malta Day Trips: The Conclusion

The Maltese islands are famous for their crystal clear waters and rich history waiting to be explored. We hope this Malta travel guide will guide you to choose the best boat tours in Malta, Gozo, and Comino that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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