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The Best Surfing Workouts: Surf Training From Home

Surfing is a highly athletic activity that challenges your core strength along with all the muscles in your body. Not only is this water activity super fun, but it also gives your body a much-needed workout. If you are an avid surfer and wish to increase your stamina and surfing skills, it is about time you started training properly. By making your body more flexible, powerful, and stronger, you will be giving yourself the chance to excel and improve your surf fitness.

Keeping all the above points in mind, we have prepared a list of some fantastic surfing workouts that will give your athletic capacity a much-needed boost. So, without wasting any more time, let’s look at some amazing surfing exercises that will surely assist you in your surfing sessions:

1. Do Chin-Ups:

Maintaining a steady balance as you get on your surfboard requires more upper body strength than you imagine. There is nothing worse for a surfer than missing an excellent wave or not being able to mount the surfboard on time. This is exactly where having a thorough upper body training saves the day.

To give your upper body the best workout, give chin-ups a try. You can start doing them on a chin-up bar. Start by grabbing the bar with both your hands and let your body hang from the bar. Then lift yourself up to a point where your chin goes above the bar.

You should do this surf workout 6 times and complete 2 sets initially, increasing the number of sets as your stamina grows.

2. Go Running:

Nothing gives your body a better workout than a good old run. It gives your body the ideal cardio intensity to help increase your endurance level. So put on your running shoes and go out for a run. Not only will it strengthen your leg muscles, but it will also increase your lung capacity.

To get the most out of your run, you should set yourself a proper running routine. Start your surf training by dedicating 25 minutes to your run at least three times every week. If you happen to be on a tight schedule, you can run for smaller sessions at a higher speed. Start running and watch your body’s strength and endurance improve instantly.

3. Use Dumbbells:

Nearly all of us have a pair of dumbbells lying around the house that we can use to increase our body's strength and fitness. Dumbbells are incredibly versatile and are a better choice of equipment for surfers to train their bodies. There are so many different exercises you can do with the dumbbells that will help target any muscle group in your body.

The best surfing exercises that will help improve your upper body and arm strength are deadlifts, dumbbell raises, one-arm swings. To increase your core strength, position your body at a 90 degrees level, pick the dumbbells in each arm and do a rowing movement.

Start by doing five reps on each side and do two sets. Slowly increase your pace once your body has developed enough strength.

4. Don't Forget The Good Old Pushups:

Nothing can train surfers better than some good old pushups. They are ideal for surf training from home as they target a wide variety of muscle groups all at once. Regularly doing push-ups will train your body to flawlessly paddle to a wave or quickly mount your board. Moreover, doing these regularly will also help save our bodies from any injuries.

When incorporating push-ups into your workout regimen, you must make sure you know how to do them correctly. Once you master their technique, start by going slow and then gradually increase the difficulty level.

5. Front Squats:

To ensure you enjoy a flawless surfing session, it is crucial that your body can maintain a squatting posture for a considerably long period. To polish your squatting skills, the best workout you can do is front squats. No matter what workout routine you are following, make sure you include a set of 10 to 12 squats each.

You can start your squat exercise with your body weight. Once you develop ample core strength, you can take things up a level by incorporating weights into your workout. This will help increase the strength of your leg, knee, thigh, and hip muscles.

Wrapping Up The Best Surfing Workouts:

If you are looking to polish your surfing skills, it is crucial that you do ample workouts and exercises to increase your body's strength and stamina. We have shared some of the best and most effective surf workout options for your ease, but you must make sure you stick to a proper workout routine and have a consistent training schedule if you wish to see top results.

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