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Best Scuba Diving Spots In Malta

Located right in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, the wondrous Maltese islands give the perfect water sports experience to all those seeking a thrilling adventure. The water around all three islands of the archipelago: Malta, Gozo, and Comino, ranges from 16 to 25 C and offers perfect visibility. Those looking to experience the best scuba diving spots in Malta and the exotic underwater sea life up close and personal eagerly make their way to this heaven on earth.

When it comes to choosing the best scuba diving spots in Malta, with so many options available, it is impossible to pick just one. Whether you are travelling in a group or going solo, we have narrowed down a list of some of the top scuba diving spots in Malta that are sure to leave you spellbound.

So, let’s get to our Malta diving guide or should we say the water sports Malta guide?

Lantern Point

The lantern point, also commonly known as The Chimney or the Lighthouse Reef, is located in Malta’s tiny island of Comino's southwest region. With a variety of dive spots available all year round, this diving spot caters to divers of all skill levels. The site has a varying depth ranging from 6 to 34 meters. Moreover, the inviting and shallow waters offer avid divers exotic reefs, tunnels, and caves to explore.

Lantern Point's underwater sea life is thriving with different colorful species that divers can witness up close and personal. They can swim in the shallow waters alongside bream, amberjacks, barracudas, and groupers. By venturing into deeper waters, you can come across crabs, starfish, and damselfish.

Um El Faroud Wreck

Located on Malta’s south coast, Um El Faroud is a wreck that one can explore underwater. With a maximum depth of 121 feet, the wreck offers a perfect thrilling adventure to those looking for a memorable scuba diving Malta experience. Looking at its history, the Um El Faroud was an oil tanker that unfortunately caught fire, and its damaged wreck became an artificial reef sometime in the year 1998.

What makes this wreck so unique is that it got torn into two pieces during a powerful storm. The top part of the bridge starts at 59 feet, whereas at 82 feet, you can access the main deck. So when putting this Malta diving spot on your list, make sure you have advanced certification and make sure you dive on nitrox. Skilled divers are bound to find some excellent penetration areas in this site, but since the site is now degrading, you have to be careful of loose power cables and wires.

Bristol Blenheim Bomber

Malta had a very strategic position during the Second World War, which is why war enthusiasts can explore several war wrecks underwater. The Bristol Blenheim Bomber's wreck, present on the East side of the island of Malta, offers a scuba diving spot adventure like no other.

As divers make their way to the plane's wreckage, they can instantly get an idea that its port-side and cockpit are missing, whereas the rest of the aircraft is still more or less intact. Divers can get a firsthand look at the plane's engines and wings as they start to get closer to the wreckage. They can fully explore this wartime aircraft, and by swimming a little further, they can discover the old remains of a De Havilland Mosquito. So that is two thrilling adventures on one single dive.

Inland Sea and Tunnel

For more experienced divers, the inland sea and Tunnel dive is a sure treat that can easily be accessed from Dwerja, a village in Gozo. This site is a lagoon with a semi-circle shape and depth of only two meters. Although this lagoon may not seem very promising, once the divers begin their journey, they will travel through a mesmerizing 80-meter tunnel that will lead them to the Mediterranean Sea. Starting with a depth of only 3 meters, divers will end up in the sea where the depth is more than 50 meters, making it one of the best dive spots for scuba diving in Malta.

Even though the tunnel has sufficient light, some divers tend to take their torches. What is even better is that the divers can surface from the tunnel at any point as it isn't fully enclosed. Enjoy the company of the underwater sea life as you dive to the end of the tunnel where the sunlight hits the clear waters, offering a scene right of heaven.

HMS Maori

The best thing about being in Malta is that you will never be short of exciting diving spots to discover. Among them is the HMS Maori, a Tribal class destroyer that played a humongous role in the Second World War and was ultimately sunk by the Germans. Even though this historic wreck has significantly degraded, it still offers a pleasant diving spot opportunity.

You can witness the exotic marine life swimming in and out of the wreck. The most commonly spotted are octopuses, morays, and seahorses. This site can be accessed throughout the year and perfectly suits open water divers.

Fortizza Reef

The Fortizza reefs are just a little distance away from Sliema and are suitable for all skill levels thanks to the shallow waters that are no more than 15 meters deep. Thanks to the shallow waters, this dive spot in Malta has thriving marine life coupled with tunnels, arches, overhangs, and caves that offer the perfect opportunity for underwater footage and photography.

Once at the Fortizza Reef, you can also make your way to the adjacent coral dive, where the water levels are somewhat the same. If you are embarking on this site for the very first time, it is best to book yourself a diving guide. This way, you can explore the full potential of this site without missing out on any fun. Just remember to choose a day when there is maximum visibility and stay aware of the yachts and boats that often pass right over the reef.

Wrapping Up The Best Diving Spots In Malta

When looking for some exciting water sports in Malta, scuba diving tops the list. With so many options to explore, you are bound to have an exuberant experience. No matter what your skill level is, when it comes to Malta diving, there is a diving spot in Malta for everyone.

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