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6 Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Malta

Are you all ready to enjoy sunset in Malta?

There is nothing more enchanting than watching the sky painted with ever-changing strokes of colour when the sun sets beyond the horizon. No matter what time of the year you are visiting the Maltese Islands, watching the sun bid farewell along the tranquil Mediterranean Sea is one of the most revitalizing things you will ever experience.

Malta’s breathtaking coastlines offer countless opportunities to enjoy the picture-perfect eventide. Thus, we have compiled a list of the six prime spots in Malta from where you can enjoy this spectacle:

Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs are located near the village of Dingli on Malta’s western coast. Rising 253 meters above the sea, these cliffs are the highest point of the Maltese Islands.

Proposing a majestic sight, the sunset can be viewed while cruising on a boat and see the cliffs absorb all the exuberant hues of the setting sun, or by taking a relaxing stroll on the cliffs themselves, where one can be engulfed by the breathtaking view of terraced fields, the glistening sea, and Filfla, a small uninhabited Maltese island just across.

Fomm ir-Riħ

Translating to “Mouth of the Wind” in Maltese, Fomm ir-Riħ is a small bay located within the limits of Mgarr, bordered by white cliffs and pebbled beaches.

Since the bay is one of Malta’s most naturally unspoilt areas brimming with natural beauty, it’s the most fitting place for you to meditate whilst you take in the wonders of the panoramic sunset view over the crystal-clear blue waters.

However, since the area is not accessible by car, it is recommended that you bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes to help you through the rough and steep path that leads to this natural wonder.

Għajn Tuffieħa

Located 345 meters south of the Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa is regarded as a quieter and much more scenic version of the former, sporting a sandy red beach and sights that would take your breath away.

Offering awe-inspiring views from each angle, it has a flawless beach setting to witness the vibrant light show as the last rays of the sunshine bid farewell over the horizon on the edge of the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

It takes the descent from a hill containing a staircase of 200 steps to reach this beach, and you can kick back and relax as you enjoy a palatable meal from the café located at the foot of the staircase.

Saint Agatha’s Tower

Saint Agatha’s Tower, also known as the Red Tower or It-Torri L-Ahmar, is an incredible bastioned watchtower situated in Mellieħa and one of Malta's most fascinating sunset-watching landmarks.

For height aficionados, its hilltop location offers the beauty of the setting sun on cliffs nearby, and the great tower itself as the sun's warm glow reflects on its deep red guise.

Popeye Village

Formerly a whimsical set for the 1980 musical production of “Popeye”, this tourist attraction has been turned into a small, fun-filled park for those young at heart.

It is an ideal spot for adults and children alike to enjoy, where they will be entertained by Popeye and his friends and can indulge in leisure activities like boat rides, jumping on water trampolines, sunbathing on a deck and much more. Visitors can also take part in an exhilarating filming experience with the crew where they can become movie stars for a day.

The Popeye Village is located in the heart of Anchor Bay, one of the islands' prime sunset viewing spots. Here viewers can appreciate the beauty of nature as the cliffs and rustic buildings of the village bask in the twilight of the setting sun.

The Blue Grotto

The “Blue Grotto” is a series of sea caverns situated on the southeast coast of Malta Island, right across the islet of Filfla and not more than a kilometre west of Wied iż-Żurrieq.

This is a picturesque spot where you can capture the radiance of Malta’s most alluring caves, paired with a remarkable view of the golden setting sun as it disappears beyond the horizon.

One can book a sunset boat ride at twilight or even go on a customary fishing boat tour to explore the many aesthetic sea caves situated in the vicinity. If you are on a couple's holiday or on your honeymoon, visiting this place is one of the most recommended things to do in Malta if you wish to make your time magical.

Don’t Miss the breathtaking Sunset Malta on Your Next Visit

No matter where you are in Malta Island, you are just a short distance away from the ideal spot to take in the most electrifying views while the sun goes to sleep for the night. So, where will you watch your next sunset in Malta?

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