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6 Best Places To See Sunrise In Malta

When it comes to the Maltese islands, watching the warm glow of the sun reflect over the vast expanse of the exhilarating Mediterranean Sea is one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring displays of natural beauty you will ever get to experience in your lifetime.

The early bird always catches the worm, and in this case, it is the most stunning sunrise, bound to vitalize your body, mind, and soul. Read below to find out which six places in Malta you must visit if you want to enjoy the majestic view of Malta sunrise:

Upper Barraka Gardens

Valletta Malta is a magnificent city surrounded by classy fortifications, each having an interesting story to narrate from the past. Offering one of the grandest views of this city are the Upper Barraka Gardens, which is the ideal spot to watch the sun rise from its peaceful slumber.

Proposing a breathtaking view of the Three Cities along with the Grand Harbour, you can take a tranquil stroll in the gardens, or if you fancy a view closer to the crystal clear, blue waters, you can take the lift to the Valletta Waterfront right below.

Ta’ Fra Ben Bay, Bugibba

This rocky beach is located in Qawra, to the north of Malta, and it is the ideal place for a swim early in the morning. If you are planning to stay in the district of Bugibba, nothing can be better than an easily accessible bay enriched with an enchanting view of the northeastern Maltese seascape.

The local bars guarantee you a great time while you soak in the eye-opening wonders as the sun stretches its rays along the calm and glistening waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Saint Julian’s

A town in the central region of the Maltese islands, St Julian, is popular for its tourism-related businesses like hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. However, it is also a favourite amongst early morning walkers and runners due to the truly breathtaking view of the rising sun over the vast expanse of the sea.

You can enjoy this spectacle while walking along the pier, basking in the rays on the rocky beach, or simply relaxing with a cup of your favourite morning coffee on the sporadically placed benches on the seafront. Visiting this place is one of the most recommended things to do in Malta.

Ta’ Xbiex Waterfront

Watching the sun slowly come up over a magnificent peninsula and the harbour entrance is a spectacular start to the morning.

Located just a few minutes of walk away from Sliema, a resort town on the east coast of Island of Malta, is Ta’ Xbiex, which features a marina and an elongated stretch of promenade. This gives way to a vast open space between the glistening sea, blue sky and radiating rays of the morning sun which paints the sky with ravishing hues. This place is ideal for an early morning stroll, and you can fuel up for the day by having breakfast at one of the nice cafes and pastry shops in the vicinity.


This vintage walled city, also known as Castello, towers high above in the ancient city of Victoria, Goza and is one of the classiest locations to view a sunrise from.

It was built on one of the highest hills in Gozo Malta and thus offers an eye-catching sight over the extensive island. There are bastions located on the eastern side of the city that welcome you with open arms to witness the rising sun, after which you can head over to the many small, alluring breakfast cafes to grab the local food and beverages to get the full experience.

Ħalfa Rock

A small islet and limestone rock located on the southeast coast of the Gozo Island in the Maltese archipelago, the Ħalfa Rock is a location not known by many, but it definitely offers one of the grandest sights that you will ever come across in your life.

Although visiting this secluded beach at any time of the day would be a breathtaking experience, watching the rays of sunshine decorate the sky with its stimulating colours from this spot takes things to a whole new level. You can reach this lovely cove by a traditional boat ride and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

So When Do You Plan To Enjoy Malta Sunrise?

The locations mentioned above are some of the best spots you can visit to watch the sun's warm glow slowly rise from the horizon of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It is difficult to choose which is the perfect fit, but if you have time, you can visit all of them to enjoy a spectacle you will remember for years to come.

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