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Best Parks And National Parks In Malta

Thanks to its lush greenery, picturesque landscapes, and beautiful natural cliffs, Malta has become a favorite vacationing spot for tourists and travelers worldwide. But beyond those high cliffs and tasty cuisine, Malta Island also has some of the most stunning theme parks and gardens that welcome people of all generations.

So, how would you like to visit the wild animals, enjoy the fascinating lush greenery and meet the friendly Malta people by touring the best national parks of Malta?

Explore these splendid Maltese parks with your friends or family and create the best memories you will cherish for life.

Ta Qali National Park

Situated right in the middle of Malta and surrounded by National Stadium, Crafts Village, and Malta Aviation Museum, Ta Qali National Park is a must-visit place while touring the country. Between 1943 and 1950, the place was used by the Royal Air force, but today the place is open for the public to have picnics with friends and family.

The neatly mowed lawns, indigenous species of trees planted all across the park, and awesome views you can witness from the top of the stairs are some attractive features of this beautiful This Malta Park. It also has an open theatre used for organizing concerts and fairs. So, visit the place, and who knows, you might get lucky!

Wied Gholliqa Nature Reserve

It is another fascinating spot situated right between Kappara and The University of Malta. If you visit Malta during the winter season with heavy rain, you can witness a fresh stream running through this natural valley.

The wild surrounding and rough routes make this valley ideal for crazy exploration and peaceful strolling. The park houses the largest population of National Trees in Malta. Moreover, the natural habitat provides shelter to numerous species of migrating birds and breeding insects. That makes it a fantastic place to catch a glimpse of all the species of birds that dwell on the island.

Splash and Fun Park Malta

Splash and Fun Park in Malta is a recreational waterpark jam-packed with loads of slides and giant pools. The vibrant atmosphere, super-fun activities, and thrilling water slides attract both locals and tourists visiting Malta.

You can also be a part of tropical dance, salsa lessons, and pool volleyball games while visiting the park. This will double your fun and allow you to enjoy every moment of your stay on Maltese island. Visiting this park is simple one of the top things to do in Malta as it is one of the most visited parks in Malta.

Salina National Park

You can explore the Salina National Park in Malta during the winter season to have a memorable and relaxing family time. This Malta Park occupies a vast piece of land, having an approximate area of 49000 meters square. The outstretched park is filled with different species of trees, including Pomegranate-Pomis granatum and Chaste tree-Vitex agnus castus.

The well-kept paths, an abundance of seating arrangements, and gorgeous greenery spread everywhere are some of the striking features of the park. You can also relish the soothing freshwater stream, whereas the play area is designed to keep kids active during the visit.

Another major attraction of the place is the Kennedy Memorial. The Kennedy Grove is situated in the lowest part of the park. The memorial was built in the loving memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and was commissioned by The Maltese Government in 1964. The spot allows you to pay your regards to the former US president. For this very reason, the park is also known as Kennedy Grove.

Bird's Park Malta

If you are a person of nature and want to observe various species of birds native to Maltese island, the Bird Park is a perfect place to visit.

The park is basically an aviary and has about 200 different species of birds, including flamingos, pelicans, swans, stroke owls, cranes, and other happy birds chirping on the trees. The park has knowledgeable staff members who know everything about the birds, their nesting season, and their lifecycle. They will fill you in with facts and figures related to birds and their species. A visit to Bird's Park will make your trip interesting and informational.

II Majjistral Nature and History Park

The Majjistral Nature Park is a true heaven on Earth. The place was declared as a Malta national park in September 2007 and became accessible to locals and tourists. The area is stretched to 6 km of coastline and is surrounded by rare species of flora.

Besides enjoying the amazing scenes, visitors can also take pictures of fauna, including reptiles such as Moorish Gecko, ocellated skink, and western whip snakes. Various species of birds especially breeding birds such as Spanish Sparrow, Blue Rock Thrush, Zitting Cisticola are commonly found at the park. After sightseeing, tourists can also go snorkelling at the Golden Bay. Visiting this park is one of the top recommended things to do in Malta

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