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Android mobile app of your skim surfing school in Malta. Download the app for free on Google Play store.

Download our Android mobile app today and stay always up to date.

Download the "Skimboard School Malta" app for Android users straight from the Google Play store. We have you covered with many in app features and push notifications. It is simple, fast, safe and secure.

Frog's Skimzone has developed a mobile app for Android users to make your life easier to connect and engage with new content from Malta skim surfing school by a simple click on your phone. You are able to share stories, book a private or group lesson, find new products and inspiration, read our blog,  or find the recent news, events and promotions. Turn push notification on to never miss out on a new deal and stay always up to date. All of this and more with an easy and simple click on your skimboard school Malta mobile app for Android devices.

Our skim surfing school Malta thinks out of the box with new possibilities to connect and engage and always with the student in mind. That is why we have developed a new way to communicate with you, your friends and your family. With our brand new mobile app for Android devices, you are able to follow us easier than never before. Just with one click, you are able to book a lesson by contacting us, checking new content and promotions, or just find the best weather conditions for skimboarding in Malta. You could also turn on the push notification settings on your phone to receive new offers and updates about our skim surf school in Malta automatically. To find the app just visit the Google Play store and download the skimboard school Malta app today or click on the Google Play link below. 

In the latest version of our "Skimboard School Malta" app you have the following options to make your life easier: 

1. Check our social media stream and our social media channels.

2. Turn push notifications on to receive new offers and news straight on your phone.

3. Find the latest news and updates.

4. Find the right course for you or rent a skimboard. 

5. Find the latest prices for lessons, rentals and merchandise products.

6. Check our merchandise shop and find more inspiration.

7. The Malta event calendar and the option to book straight in the app.

8. Weather forecast with beautiful maps and more information about skimboarding.

9. Find promotion campaigns and a step by step guide for saving money.

10. Contact us in the app to book a lesson and find the opening hours.

11. Join our newsletter and receive emails about the latest news and updates.

12. Explore our blog. We have you covered, from skimboarding, a Malta travel guide to lifestyle and sustainability blog posts. 

13. Find out more about us.

We are working on more updates and app features in the future. Just enter your details and subscribe to our newsletter to receive a notification when a new app version is out. If you have any recommendations how to make the app better just write us an email about your ideas in mind. 

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