High-quality branded merchandise products of your skim surfing school Malta.

Check out what's new and turn with your new Frog's Skimzone - Skimboard School Malta t-shirt, hoodie, tank-top, or crop-top the next wave in Malta. 

Welcome to our awesome merchandise shop. Here we showcase a wide selection of high-quality branded merchandise products from your skimboard school in Malta. Perfect for your next visit to the beach, your next skimboard lesson, celebrating a party, a birthday present, or just to chill and relax with your friends and your family.

With skim surfing school Malta beachwear through the summer and winter months. We have created great designs and working on new future designs, so you always get noticed. Whether you need t-shirts, hoodies, tank-tops, or crop-tops, we will let them crafted for you in high-quality. We know that in the modern world people not just looking for supreme and durable quality but also for a product that is environmentally friendly and good for the farmers and families who produce them. Lucky for you, that we have in our collection bio articles as well if you want to spend a little more money.

There are many benefits of buying organic cotton clothing such as:

  • No use of toxic chemicals when growing organic cotton, that means it does not damage the soil as well.

  • It uses way less water and energy than conventional products.

  • Organic cotton keeps farmers healthy and safe. Because of no toxic chemicals in use, you create a better and safer working environment for the families working on the farms.

  • Do not forget that you can make a difference with your everyday purchase decision, whether it is one of our products, in the supermarket or at a different place. 

Kindly do contact us if you are interested in any product. If the article is not available we will rush in the city and print the t-shirt, hoodie, tank-top, or crop-top for you, your friends, and your family! For more information, you can also check our Pinterest account which is specially made to illustrate our designs. And much more will come up in the future. Here you can check our designs or find the price list and delivery information

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Merchandise printing designs for all type of clothes 

The following designs are available to print on your t-shirt, hoodie, tank-top or crop-top. More crafted designs will come up in the future. 


Merchandise price list and delivery information.

Prices for woman and man merchandise articles:


T-shirts: 25€

Hoodie: 35€

Tank-Top: 25€

Crop-Top: 30€


We can deliver our products plus an extra charge or just collect them on the beach when your order is ready for no extra charge and a better environmental footprint.


Kindly do contact us if there is anything else that you need. You can contact us through any channel most comfortable for you and we are happy to help you out. We would be glad to meet and suggest possible options! See you at the beach squeezing some waves!