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Skimboarding lesson plan in Malta.

Learn how we coach your next skim surfing lessons in Malta.

A well-structured skim surfing lesson and course plan. We are prepared for your first fun water sports experience on the islands of Malta.

Skimboard Lesson Plan


Your skimboard school in Malta welcomes you, your friends, and your family to the world of skimboarding. A well-structured lesson and course plan with step by step demonstrations and explanations are key for a fun introduction to the art of skim surfing.

Skimboarding is alike to surfing, but it starts on the beach with the 3 steps run, drop, and slide. With skimboarding, you need to perform an excellent balance on a board using waves for presentation adventures or enjoying flat skim experience. However, skimboards are typically smaller and rounder than a regular board used for surfing. Another difference is, when surfing, the waves might give you momentum toward the seashore. Meanwhile, when you are skimboarding, you build your momentum by floating across those breaking waves along the seashore.

Are you getting excited? Wait! You cannot directly jump into the sea by your skimboard without the right warm-up preparation, technique, and knowledge. Instead, you need to understand first what you need to do during your first skimboarding water sports session on the beach to have a fun experience.

So, what are the lessons you would get from booking a skimboarding course? Here are they:

SAFETY FIRST - first 5 minutes:    


For the first 5 minutes, you would get from a skimboard course is a lesson about general safety rules on the beach and we make sure you would not hurt people around you. Besides, you would also get a brief education about jellyfish in Malta. The most important lesson is a guide about how to prevent injuries as injuries are common in any sports. That is why an intense warm-up is important; the course will also teach you how to fall, and so on.

Theory lesson:


Next, the course will guide you more by describing a short theory introduction in how to skimboard, how to get in tune with the board's speed, and become an accomplished rider.

Warm-up practice:


Once you have understood about the safety rules on the beach and how to skimboard, in theory, the next 10 minutes you would get from a skimboard course is about the warming up practices to prevent or reduce injuries. Usually, the course will recommend you do speed runs and specific stretching preparations before you would get on your skimboard.

Skimboarding – learning by doing:         


Now you are ready for your first skimboarding session through real practice. The course will give 50 minutes to 1 hour for you to ride on your skimboard. A reliable skimboard course will always be ready to answer questions you might have while your skimboarding lesson. We will start from dry sand to wet sand exercises. In the end, you will do the run, drop, and slide combination if you are ready for it. We provide you always an ongoing improvements guidance while your session to make the most out of your fun experience. Plus, we will also suggest you drink enough water before and during skimboarding.

Detailed video and picture analysis:          


After you have experienced your first skimboarding, the course will present some lesson pictures and video analyses to help you out improving your skill in skimboarding in the future. We can show you some video material before (if you attended already to more lessons), while and after you are practicing making our words clearer.

Roundup session:       


The last minutes on a one-course session will fill with a roundup of what you have learned and how to improve all the lessons you learned in the next session.


Wrapping Up    


Skimboarding is an exciting and adventuring sport to do in Malta. However, without proper technique and training, skimboarding can be tricky to learn. In fact, a beginner with no knowledge of how to hold or control a skimboard can get into the sports the wrong way. Well, none of us wants this to happen, though. Therefore, you need to book a reliable skimboard lesson that will educate you to learn and enjoy the sport safely and with a smile on your face.

Hence, always make sure to have proper preparation is a foundation that will lead you to become an expert skimboarder. Let us get ready and you will be prepared for your skimboarding session in Malta.

Have a nice skimboarding experience on the islands of Malta and see you at the beach!

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