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Find the right lesson location in Malta. A lesson location map shows you where a skim surf class could take place.

Your lesson and course location finder from your skim surf school Malta will make it easier to plan your trip to your next skimboard lesson. A lesson location map shows you where a class could take place if the weather conditions are good for skimboarding. Your skim surf school lesson location finder will make your planning to your next skimboard trip easier, especially if you are new to Malta. 


We have a record of 7 beach locations in Malta where skimboarding is possible if the weather conditions are good. The maps show you a list of the best 7 sandy beaches in Malta, so we have many opportunities to cover a lesson and go for a skimboarding lesson. We have places on the east and west side to cover lessons even with strong wind directions. If you are new to Malta and you booked your lesson we will provide you all information and the location your session will take place. You can easily find the location with our lesson location finder here on our site. This will make your planning easier, stress-free and you can be sure to be at the right place at the right time. Zoom in to find out more about all locations.

Is the art of skimboarding easier than learning surfing?

Skimboarding is a water boardsport like surfing. The most simple way to explain how it works is with the three words run, drop, and slide. A skimboarder is running fast to gain as much speed as possible to slide across the water surface to catch an incoming breaking wave. After catching the wave a skimboarder rides back on the board to the shore.

Skimboarding is different in many ways from surfing. Good to know is that skimboards are smaller than regular surfboards and do not have fins at the back of the board. Moreover, surfing requires going out into the sea or ocean waiting for a big wave to catch. Skimboarding, on the other hand, starts at the beach.

For young children that is a plus, because they do not need to go out in the deep water to catch a wave and where you need excellent swimming skills. They can learn different water sports near the beach and get the feeling of sliding on the water and become connected with nature. Once young or adults have archived the way of skimboarding they can learn easier other sports like skateboarding or snowboarding.

We write in our blog about different topics and about skimboarding and questions you might have. From how to choose the right skimboard to what size is the right choice?  We have you covered and we will add more blog posts in the future. Just stay tuned and enjoy your stay in Malta.




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