Our skimboard lesson guide will explain how we are coaching & use teaching techniques to learn new skills. 

Our skimboard lesson guide will explain how we teach and how our teaching techniques work. We have designed a lesson plan for your specific need and skill level. From theory lessons and real practice to video analysis. Your skim surfing school in Malta has it all covered.


Your skim ​surfing school in Malta has developed coaching and teaching techniques to help you to progress and learn new skills. With the feedback, we will help you to understand what you are doing well and what you can improve to enhance the way your are skimboarding. We use video analysis as a vital tool in our teaching methods to show you in pictures and slow-motion what you can do to improve your next slides. Video analysis plays an important part because through visualization you can understand the way of your skimboarding style and what to make better. If you are interested in joining more lessons, we develop an individual learning and teaching plan for you to improve in the long term.


Our skimboard lesson guide will explain what you skim surfing school in Malta has covered.  Please always leave feedback or any other recommendations on how we can improve the lesson content. If you have any other ideas just let us know because we are always up for new improvements. We would love to hear your opinion about your experience with your skimboard school in Malta and how the lesson went for you, especially if you are new to the skimboarding world. 

Safety First

We will inform you about all the safety measures for the activities and precautions taken to improve safety.

Video Analysis

We use video analysis as a vital tool in our coaching system. We will provide you in-depth analysis, not just your best slide but also good and bad, in your own personal skimboarding.

Theory Lesson

All of our lessons will start with a theory lesson to show you step by step what is important to take care of.

Practice And Improve

We will show you the video analysis material to improve further through more practice. 

Warm Up

It is very important to perform a proper warm-up before any type of physical activity. We will warm up in a way to get to know each other and in a fun way.

Ongoing Process

Learning and improving through more theory lessons, real practice and video analysis as an ongoing process. But we will never forget the fun part of each lesson.

Real Practice

Practice. Now that you know the theory and your muscles are warmed up we will start with real practice -> Run-Drop-Slide.

Questions And Answers

 Students will develop an understanding of skimboarding and are always up to ask new questions through the course.




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