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Discover the beautiful islands of Malta and meet your next outdoor water sports experience or your next holiday destinations in Malta. With the help of well written and easy to understand blog posts about skimboarding, Malta travel guide recommendations, and a lifestyle online journal, you will learn more about the next spot to visit or worth-reading information. Blog posts are written by a dedicated team of your skimboard school in Malta.


We have you covered on our skimboard blog posts page about the basic know-how of skimboarding, how you can choose the right skimboard, and a wide range of other topics related to skimboarding and all you need to know. Uncover the most action-loaded water sports activities on the island or just check other useful information about Malta with your travel and tourist guide. Our dedicated team composes blog posts about sustainability projects and eco-friendly and organic living, a healthy style of living, and other important topics, which could be of interest to you. Subscribe to our newsletter to never miss the next blog post. All Posts

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