Learn and grow with skim surfing lessons from skimboard school Malta.

Our teaching skim surf lessons are the perfect way to start your fun skimboarding experience in Malta. Through our beginner classes, hands-on warm-up, and exercises, we ensure you have the knowledge and expertise necessary to confidently start your own skim slides or catch waves. Get in touch to learn more about the upcoming course dates and details.

Beginner lesson:

Here at Frog's Skimzone, the first Skimboard School in Malta, we provide both private lessons (one-on-one) and group lessons (up to 4 people).


Our lessons can be scheduled either on weekdays or weekends, so we can fit you in for whenever it suits your busy or just chilling lifestyle! 


If you would like the lessons to be longer we would be more than happy to provide you with longer tuition to tailor your specific needs.  We’re just as flexible on our boards as we are with our schedule.


Whether you prefer the intimacy of private tuition, or would rather enjoy lessons with a small group of friends or family, our experienced skim surf instructors will offer you all their Skimboarding knowledge and expertise, to ensure you make the most of your fun Skimboarding experience in Malta.


It goes without saying that the summer months are the busiest time of year for us, so we would appreciate as much notice as possible when scheduling your lessons during the peak season. 


For more information check our price list. 

Let us enjoy water sports in Malta. Stay tuned and see you squeezing some waves!

What to expect from the skimboard surf class in Malta?

All of our skimboard school lessons in Malta are run by our team of passionate, excited, and skillful coaches. We will meet you before the lesson starts at the beach and arrange for the right equipment.

Our beginner lesson starts on the sandy beach, and put together aspects of beach and sea safety information. Our skim surf instruction will enable you to learn fast how to slide on the water and catch waves. You will learn how to handle your board, in which steps you have to jump on it in order to make the best out of your skim surf experience. You will learn fast to feel confident, stay safe with the board, and in the sea. Our main goal at the end of the skim surf lesson is for everyone to be able to hold position and sliding the beach or catching some waves, but sometimes it can take a bit longer depending on the beach conditions and the overall individual fitness and ability. 

How to schedule a private or group skim surf lesson?

Lessons can be booked via any channel most comfortable for you.

You can also email us at contact@skimboardmalta.com and indicate when you would like to schedule the lesson and how many people will be participating.

Please also feel free to contact us anytime, on any of the above methods, if you would like further information regarding our services, or for anything else that comes to mind!