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All lessons from your skim surf school in Malta have an all-inclusive worry and stress-free package for your convenience. 

We have created a full list of what is included in the price. Discover more about what is included in your next skimboarding lesson in Malta. All private or group lessons you book are all-inclusive for all students. We have covered your needs as a tourist or if you are living in Malta.  As a tourist, you can travel to Malta stress-free and with less luggage and suitcases which will make your next trip more convenient. If you are living in Malta you just need to visit the beach for your next skimboarding experience. All skim surfing lessons are fully inclusive. Find in the following list what your worry and stress-free package for your convenience include.


Our wetsuits will keep you warm and comfortable all year round.


Develop your skills through more practice.


We will show you the best locations for your lesson.


We have them all, if tall or small, young or old, beginner or experienced. 

Free Photos

Yeah nice shot! Free photos for all students.

Fun And Happiness

Do not forget to smile and be happy in Malta.

Learn And Practice

We will let you know the abc of skimboarding.

Videos And Slow Motion

We will record your progress on camera and show you how to improve.

New Friends

Join a lesson alone or with your family and friends - either way you will get more mates.

How many skimboard lessons do you need?

First of all, you need to be fully committed and motivated to lean skimboarding properly. If the person is fit and in good shape, you can learn the basics about skimboarding in around three to five lessons. It should be mentioned that if you want to learn truly to skimboard it is a lifetime pursuit, which makes it so exciting. As soon you have learned the basic know-how and caught your first wave on a skimboard it feels life fulfilling and you crave more action. If you want to become a skimboard expert you have to be on the beach for hundreds if not thousands of hours, to learn the ultimate skills. Moreover, if you want to learn how to skimboard you also need to study the weather forecast, how wind direction, wind speed, and wind gust works and when to hit the beach. You also need to understand the currents of the Mediterranean Sea and much more. This can take years to truly understand what is important to know to make your skimboarding experience even more fun and breathtaking. Let us have an exciting time on the beautiful beaches in Malta and make the best out of your first skimboarding lesson.




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