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Save money on your next skim surf lesson in Malta. Attend to 5 classes & the next lesson is free. 

We have created another promotion for you, your friends, and your family. Save money with a promotion for all skimboard lovers in Malta. If you attend 5 skimboarding lessons you will receive the next skimboard class for free. We will reward our loyal skimboarding students. Just attend to 5 skim surfing lessons & let us know to receive the following lesson for free to save money. This promotion is optimally designed for all skimboard lovers in Malta.

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Join 5 classes and get the next course for free.

Just attend to your first skimboard class and join our promotion list to get a free class after 5 lessons.

1. Attend your first class and let us know that you want to join our promotion list.

2. We will add your last name to our promotion list and add the first class on the list.

3. Attend to another 4 classes

4. You receive the 6 lessons for free.

5. You are able to join the list again.

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